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Posted by on May 25, 2013 in Android apps | 0 comments

Swiftkey vs Swiftkey Tablet review

Swiftkey vs Swiftkey Tablet

Swiftkey vs Swiftkey Tablet review

Swiftkey has keyboard app for smartphones and tablets does both of them have what it takes to become indispensable app for android ? Read on the review.

Over the years it has improved it’s keyboard app extensively and has added more features with every version. The version 4 of the Swiftkey has a mobile and tablet version offering new and improved features like Flow, word prediction and personalisation from social networks apart from different themes and layouts. I’ll walk you through different features offered by Swiftkey and the comparison between tablet and mobile versions.

Swiftkey vs Swiftkey Tablet review


Flow and Smart Space

Swiftkey vs Swiftkey Tablet review

Swiftkey flow feature



The flow feature lets you to literally flow your fingers on the keyboard to form a word and Swiftkey correctly displays the word to be selected for input. This feature works same both in mobile and tablet versions. Though it’s much more useful in mobile, due to their small screens and you rarely get to use it on a tablet.

Smart space feature input space when typing sentence automatically without the need for us to press space button each time. This feature depends upon the language used and is available both for Tablet and Mobile.


Swiftkey vs Swiftkey Tablet review

Prediction correctly guess your next input word




Prediction guesses your next probable input and gives you a set of words to choose from. This feature works both when using flow or general letter by letter typing and is available both in tablet and mobile versions.

The AI for prediction is constantly being improved for better performance.




Layout and Thumb typing

Swiftkey vs Swiftkey Tablet review

Split keyboard layout lets you type using your thumb on Tablets.

The Tablet version of Swiftkey has split keyboard layout which enables thumb typing. Though mobile version of  supports split keyboard in ‘Normal-Screen’ mobiles, thumb typing isn’t available in mobile version. The split keyboard layout also has num pad in the middle of split qwerty layout for easy number input. The normal layout an split layout can be toggled easily using a button in Tablet version and has to be enabled in settings for Mobile version.

Thumb typing is very useful in Tablets to type fast and where flow cannot be used due to large screen space and considerable amount of time wasted in drawing across it.  The split keyboard cannot be enabled on android mobiles with small screens and it’s useful if the smartphone screen is larger than 4 “. Just as flow is more useful on mobile version, the thumb typing and split keyboard are more useful in tablet version.


Swiftkey vs Swiftkey Tablet review

All major languages are supported by Swiftkey

All major languages are supported by the app and even languages like Hinglish which is a  macaronic language of Hindi and English is also available. You can type with up to three languages at the same time. Certain languages like Turkish has no smart space and Thai has no Flow feature. Languages are constantly updated and requests for new languages are available on their forums.


Swiftkey vs Swiftkey Tablet review

Swiftkey learns your typing habit quickly through personalisation

You can choose to personalise using Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, RSS feed from your blog and from SMS. This feature instantly transfers the words you commonly use from the above to your app. This feature can reduce weeks of learning process by Swiftkey to minutes if you are active in the social networks and gmail. Personalisation is available in both mobile and tablet versions.


Swiftkey vs Swiftkey Tablet review

Common punctuation through single button



Common punctuation can be inserted easily through single button, while holding the button punctuations can be accessed.

Voice input is through Google Voice Input, and performs same as default keyboard.







Swiftkey says, they do not store your personal data on their server and if you use the cloud services like the personalisation feature, they use API Authorisation and do not have access or store your login credentials. In future a common cloud sync might be available to sync your custom language model across your devices and at that time, It might store some data on the cloud according to your selection of that feature.


Video Walkthrough of Swiftkey vs Swiftkey Tablet


Swiftkey’s biggest strength is it’s robust learning methodology and applying it to it’s highly efficient prediction functionality.  It can improve the overall usability of your android device (Mobile or Tablet), if you use your device to communicate with others. Chat, email or just taking a note, Swiftkey keyboard will let you type fast taking advantage of the impressive array of features. Yes with few changes like combining both tablet version and mobile version to one , bringing custom voice recognition based on language model, Swiftkey has the required features to become indispensable app for Android.


Swiftkey app for android mobile and tablet gets 4 dragons from me  !Indiandragon star rating 4


You can try the full fledged trial version for a month for both the versions and choose to buy full version after that.







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