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Posted by on May 21, 2013 in Android apps | 0 comments

Google + Hangout app review, messaging kills online chat !

Google + Hangout app review

Google + Hangout replaces Talk app

Google + Hangout app released few days ago replaces the age old Talk app. Hangout is now available for Android and iOS. Though it replaces Talk the functionality is entirely different, so let’s see how it fares in this review of Hangout app for Android.

Google + Hangout app review :


Chatting is gone, it’s messaging

Google + Hangout app review

It’s messaging not chatting.

It’s not chat anymore, it’s messaging . So google does not explicitly declare the online/offline status i.e the green, orange, red button is gone but still google gives out a way to know whether your friends are online by slightly brightening the profile image of those who are online and fading the profile images of others.

No more status messages, so there goes your bragging rights ! The last discussion between the contact is shown in the place of where status message used to be. Your conversation stays as hangout for over on this side panel, till you choose to leave and does not wish to hangout with that contact anymore !



Google + Hangout app review

You can attach photos



You can share photo’s with the contacts who are in your Google + circles . The photos get’s stored in your google + account, so does all your conversation.






Group Messaging

Google + Hangout app review

Group messaging the star here

You can message up to 10 people, with photos and that’s what the hangout messaging  is all about.

Video Calls

Google + Hangout app review

You can have group video hangouts





Just as in Google + hangout on the web, you can have video hangouts with multiple contacts.






Google + Hangout app review

850 new hand drawn emoji’s

Google has included 850 new hand-drawn smileys or emojis for a fun filled messaging experience. Many of these emoji’s are new and are guaranteed to add an extra punch to convey the thoughts you had in mind while text messaging.

Search people from Google +

Google + Hangout app review

Search contacts from Google +

You can search contacts from Google +, you can even message them but the contacts who are not in your circles can decide whether to hangout with you or not.

Future Implementations

Google has said that the Hangout app will soon feature sms integration, so that the sms and hangout messaging are on same thread there by effectively combining all your messaging needs under one application. I’ll review that feature when it’s available.


Google has removed ‘Off the record‘ (OTR) feature from hangout as well as from Google chat, Google talk from the web. Now you can put individual chat in ‘Off the record’ but cannot set it as default for all the chats. If you used ‘Off the record’ feature or even better if you want encrypted OTR chatting with google talk id, I suggest you to take a look at ‘Gibberbot‘ from the free Guardian Project below.

For PC you can try Pidgin (Windows, Linux) and Adium (Mac) for encrypted (OTR) chat through google talk id.


Google + Hangout could be the nail on the coffin for the conventional online chat system. After  Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, it’s Google’s turn to jump into Messaging revolution and not to mention Blackberry is releasing it’s prized possession Blackberry Messenger(BBM) for other mobile platforms. After Google integrates SMS in Hangout + app, it could well be an universal messaging system everyone was looking for. As of now the app is available only for Android and iOS, others have to rely on Google +Hangout on the web. I think Google would release Hangout app for all major mobile platforms as It brings more users for it’s Social Network Kiddo – Google + . The is app is just on it’s initial iteration and already looks promising, so the future feature upgrades, improved privacy and platform support would determine the fate of both Hangout + and online chat system.


Google Hangout + app  gets 3 1/2 stars from me –  Google + Hangout app review

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