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Posted by on May 12, 2013 in Bollywood, Entertainment, Movie Reviews, Movies, Z_Featured | 0 comments

Go Goa Gone : Non spoiler review, initialising zombie apocalypse for Indian cinema

Go Goa Gone

Go Goa Gone



Decoder :

Title : Go Goa Gone
Type : Movie
Language : hindi
Genre : Zomcom
Cast : Saif Ali Khan, Kunal Khemu, Puja Gupta
Direction : Raj Nidimoru, Krishna D.K







Go Goa Gone movie review :

Pre Release Hype  :

Go Goa Gone is supposedly the first Zombie apocalypse movie in India directed by acclaimed director duo Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K.. Saif Ali Khan is donning a new avatar as a Zombie killer for this movie with new firangi looks in this movie. Kunal Kehmu and Puja Gupta are also playing major roles and the movie has created much expectations owing to it’s new concept and interesting title. Lets see whether Go Goa Gone lived up to it’s expectations in this non spoiler review.

Post Release Review :

The movie starts by tickling our funny bone with Kunal Khemu as Hardik and  Vir Das as Luv watching the old telugu Rip off of Michael Jackson’s thriller by chirenjeevi. Three friends Hardik, Luv and Bunny played by Anan Tiwari are typical bachelors working in the same IT company. Hardik and Luv loose their job and girlfriend respectively, they decide to move over by enjoying a holiday at Goa curtesy Bunny’s business trip to the same. At Goa they meet Luna played by Puja Gupta and go to attend  a rave party in the remote island off the shore of Goa arranged by  Boris a Russian mafia played by Saif Ali Khan. The drug given at the rave party turns every one except the quartet and Borris into Zombie and whether they escape out of the island with their lives or not is what you have to watch in Go Goa Gone !

I felt there could have been more compelling reason for Zombism, and why our protagonists were not affected. I guess the director decided to keep away all the zombie initialisation techniques like virus and bacteria shown in loads of western movies , away from the plot. The movie is kept in phase aided by humour  to stick to it’s genre of being a zombie comedy and does not drift to become a ‘The Walking dead’ at any time. The dialogues are witty and a laugh is guaranteed for every dialogue spoken in the movie.

Saif is stylish as the russian mafia and does not speak much than the dialogues we heard in the “I keel Dead Peepal” song. Everyone except Puja Gupta do justice to their roles, her expression goes Kristen Stewart occasionally.

Owing to the latest trend, songs are in background and if you had imagined some visuals listening to awesome numbers of Go Goa Gone – forget it, It’s never happening, as partials bits of the songs pop up now and then without any sync with the visuals. All songs in Go Goa Gone where with non conventional lyrics and trendy music, I felt bit disappointed that the director wasn’t  able to put much use for it. Background  music in GGG is one of the bests in recent movies with heavy beats keeping the adrenaline up for the audience.

Later part of the movie after the interval becomes sober and nothing much other than more zombies and more killing. The action is confined to shooting zombies with guns and CG is for blood splatters, bullet time and occasional explosions. Comicizing the characters were good, but could have extended for moving sequence rather than just using it for  still shots.

Conclusion : If Go Goa Gone was done right, it could start a new wave of zombie apocalypse franchise for  Indian cinema, so was it able to do it ? According to me it came real close, real close. Go Goa Gone, initialising zombie apocalypse for Indian cinema.

Rating :

It gets 3 dragons from me !

Dragon Rating System 3/5

Dragon Rating System 3/5

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