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Posted by on May 1, 2013 in Windows Phone | 0 comments

Issues to expect in windows phone 8.

issues in windows mobile

issues in windows mobile


Below are the issues to be expected in windows phone 8 at the time of writing this article May 2013.




1)There is no unified Notification center in windows phone.

Lets consider a scenario where an IM app has four notifications to show to you.It states “4” in the start tiles.You will then open the app and check the notifications.You get an idea that there are 4 notifications on IM app but you don’t see who sent it.You will need to open the apps to get idea of sender and information.That defeats the purpose of notification.

In mature platforms like Android,you will be able to see the notifications as four different messages stating your friend name,short message in the above scenario.This provides the capability to select the priority ones first.
Currently windows phone supports Tile notifications,Lockscreen notifications and Toast notifications.

2)You will not be able to create powerpoint presentations.You will be able to create word,excel documents and will be able to view powerpoint presentations.Skydrive comes handy in sharing office documents across PC,Phone and Tablet.

3)Your Lync client will require Lync Server or Office365/Lync Online account.
Lync client provides best way to communicate with office colleagues through Instant messaging,email or phone call.

4)Not all apps support background agent.For Example,IM app without a background agent is meaningless to less as app switching will put your account offline.Such apps are mostly known to target windows phone 7.5 Mango.This article might be helpful if you  want an IM app with background agent support.

Generally as expected, Music and downloads run in background with no issues in windows phone 8.

5)You will not be able to block all the background tasks for the apps on windows phone 8.For Example,when i chat with my skype application,I expect background agents for  Nokia App highlights,Evernote,Whatsapp to be blocked.Running unnecessary background agents increases internet data usage and decreases battery life.

6)Youtube videos open in a separate player.We should be good with watching videos in a separate player.But this player doesnt support app switching which means the video will buffer and can be watched only when its in foreground ,active.When you want to watch a youtube video,you should not be checking any other apps.That’s the way windows phone 8 handles youtube videos at this point.
Famous third party apps like mytube,metrotube also dont support app switching

7)By default,You need to goto settings page for switching on Wifi/Bluetooth/internet sharing/Flight mode/Maps/Location..Not an easy navigation.You can pin the settings tile to the start tiles.You can install an third party app like Connectivity tiles for easier access.

8)The music +videos Player won’t play  MKV files and videos using the AC3 audio codec.It does support xVid,Divx,Mp4 videos.

9)Internet explorer is not saving data of the loaded pages based on the Page size/others unknown parameters .Minimum a tab’s data is lost and they are loaded again once you switch to IE.
I opened three tabs in IE
a)gmail login page
b)yahoo login page
c)Live login page
Switching from whatsapp to above IE doesnt result in reload of any of the tabs.

Here’s slightly modified scenario
I opened three tabs in IE
a)Engadget home page
b)yahoo login page
c)Live login page
Switching from whatsapp reloaded engadget tab.

I still dont know if this is a bug or security limitation with IE.Whatever it is,it definitely does affect your browsing session.It takes up your time and mobile data particularly for sites like Engadget,BBC football news.
I tested it with same scenario Nokia Xpress browser.There are no reloads and already loaded page data is retained.You can use Nokia Xpress browser to avoid the above issue and also it promises upto 80% save on  data.

10)You cannot open more than six tabs in Internet Explorer and Nokia Xpress.This is probably a restriction on the 512MB RAM phones.

11)No Push mails functionality for Yahoo accounts.
I gave a try with the settings provided by yahoo at this link
and push mail functionality is not working with yahoo.
It currently looks like limitation from Yahoo.
The functionality is available for Microsoft mail services hotmail,live,outlook on windows phone devices and gmail.

12)Windows phone does not allow any third party keyboards like swift key,swype,Touchpal keyboard.The default keyboard is decent but it doesnt allow backing up suggestion list(Custom words added by you).

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Mahendra Kumar

ASP.NET developer by profession and develops windows phone applications as hobby. He likes reading classical tamil literature, drawing caricatures, singing and recording the same on my mobile. Mahendra Kumar is the resident windows expert for News@Indiandragon