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Posted by on Apr 26, 2013 in Hollywood, Movie Reviews, Z_Featured | 0 comments

Iron Man 3 : No spoiler movie review, provokes the mechanic in you !

Iron Man 3 Official poster

Iron Man 3 Official poster


Decoder :

Title : Iron Man 3
Type : Movie
Language : English
Genre : Action
Cast : Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow,Guy Pearce
Direction : Shane Black






Iron Man 3 no spoiler movie review


Pre Release Hype :

The super hero franchise has grown beyond anyone’s expectations. The modern super hero genre was made successful by Sam Raimi’s Spiderman for Marvel and the top spot in this genere is now being fought between Marvel’s Iron man and DC Comics Batman or should I say Nolan’s Batman trilogy ! Iron man movies unlike it’s comic version has become burgeoning for marvel studios, especially with female fans who usually ignore techies as ‘nerds’ but in this case seem to have been impressed by the Billionare Playboy Techie played by Robert Downey Jr. . The third instalment of the film though Iron man took most of the screen space in last year’s profit making Avengers , is directed by Lethal Weapon fame Shane Black.

Post Release Review :

Sticking to the old super hero’s formulae of ‘Battered hero in the Sequel’, Iron man 3 starts with sleep deprived anxiety struck hero. Yet another time America is facing danger from a little known but powerful nemesis called ‘The Mandarin’  and it is up to Iron man and his friend War Machine to save it. But this time there’s twist in the plot and Iron man end’s up facing a tough and competent adversary. I cannot talk much about the story owing to my title of being a non spoiler review !

But here’s something which I can tell you without spoiling the fun for you, Iron man 3 has more mechanised armour suits than you can ever imagine ! J.A.R.V.I.S get’s to play bigger role in this movie as a trusted AI assistant to Iron Man. Pepper potts is the same worried wife and CEO of Stark industries, but  might become just more than that at the end ! Warmachine piloted by Tony Stark’s friend James Rhodes and Iron man dance out with the bad guys just like in Iron man 2.

Guy Pearce plays the role as Pepper’s old friend, but in reality has a serious past with Tony stark. Rebecca Hall as Maya Hansen plays the role of a Geneticist and  Tony’s one night stand.

There’s more machines, more carnage, more slow cut action sequences, more tony stark pun, more pretty girls and more&more excessive CG ! but all of them are justified and put well in place by Shane Black.

Iron man like any other super hero movies should be watched with our logic board switched off. But even then one question arises in the mind of everyone who watches Iron man 3 , Where does all the other avengers go ? when one of them is in deep Sh**t trouble ?  They seriously need to attend some 30 day class on friendship.

Conclusion :

Iron man series could end up as a de facto action movie for techies, mechanics  and engineers as such. It provokes the mechanic in you to start building an armour suite in your garage. Not many movies were able to deliver technology and entertainment in a balance. Iron man 3 could be the catalyst you’ve been searching for to push your son/daughter  into Robotics/Mechanics/Engineering !

Rating :

Iron man 3 gets 4 dragons from me .

indiandragon movie rating 4

Iron Man 3 gets 4 dragons from me !


Check below for Iron man 3 full movie Video review with Spoilers  !

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