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Posted by on Apr 20, 2013 in Windows Phone, Windows Phone Apps | 0 comments

IM+ app for windows phone 8 review

One of the most essential things people do on a smartphone is instant messaging.

Instant messaging keep people connected to their loved ones and it has proved to be Unique selling point for mobile platforms(BBM for blackberry,whatapp/Nimbuzz for iphone,android,windows phone).

How good is the  experience on windows phone 8?

We are going to check out features of  instant messenger IM+  for windows phone 8.

Accounts supported: Windows Live Messenger, Facebook, Skype, Yahoo!, Google Talk, AIM/AOL, Jabber, ICQ, RenRen, SINA Weibo, Fetion, mig 33, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki.Ru, Yandex IM. Mamba.Ru and Mail.Ru Agent.

UI and Features

IM+ has been designed in classic black and white colours  inspired by windows phone design.

The first screen on IM + shows the friends list on “Contacts” tab and on the tap right,second screens shows “Chats” tab.


The contacts tab is well designed showing offline and available contacts.IM+ indicates Google contacts as G,skype contacts with skype icon and differentiates friends from different networks very well.

wp_ss_20130420_0005wp_ss_20130420_0008      wp_ss_20130420_0011

People who often engage in group chats should go for Pro version of IM+ as only the Pro version supports Skype / AOL / ICQ / AIM / iChat group chats and also the Pro version includes easier access to phone dialing and email composing to the contact right from the chat conversations.

There are four options at the bottom

a)accounts option for maintaining user’s accounts

b)Status option for updating status of the user across accounts

c)Settings option


*Option to opt for showing online Contacts only/Blocked contacts/Offline friends

*Option to opt for sound/vibrate notification for  new message received/Contact goes online

*Option to opt for Background agent/Push notification on Tile/Toast/Email notifications  when IM+ is not running.

*Option to opt for desired font size /emoticons set in chats

*One of the nifty feature in IM is that it provides Buttons to activate WiFi and mobile network data connections from network settings tabs inside settings.People who switch on net for IM can do it directly do it from settings inside IM+ app.This setting comes handy when the network gets disconnected.

d)Search option for finding friends across accounts.

Background agent support comes along with reliability in IM+ as this is one of the basic feature people expect in a instant messenger application.Chat apps without background agent support puts the user offline whenever user switches to a different app.IM+ scores full marks in this aspect making it the #1 messenger for windows phone.



Version 2.7 supports only image attachments either by capturing new photos or attaching captured images from gallery.

We are yet to see other file formats support on IM+.


Not happy with the English interface of the app?

Probably you can grab your own language with the Pro version of app and the support includes Spanish, German, French, Italian, Polish, Chinese, and Russian.

One of the issues with IM+ is that even after the user has closed the app and network is disconnected,the user continues to stay online for next 24 hours.

After using IM+,a question pops in my mind.When you are given the fantastic messenger like IM+ that keeps you online over dozen famous networks on the universe,what is the necessity/advantage of apps like whatsapp ?

a)Whatsapp needs only an phone number that is taken as your unique login along with active data connection and it needs no logins like gmail,facebook,skype.

In the whatsapp world,you are identified as you by your phone number and nothing else.

b)If there are no logins like gmail,then where does my contact come from?

Whatsapp picks up contacts from your phonebook.

You can send messages to the contacts that exist in both phonebook and whatsapp network.

c)By eliminating different logins.whatsapp enables true cross platform communication.Thus you can message people even if you don’t know their gmail,live or any mail ids.

Along the lines of Whatsapp comes  the IM+ Beep network.You can message people who exist in IM+ Beep network across Android,iphone,Blackberry,Windows phone  platforms and it requires only  phone number along with active data connection.

IM+ Beep network is only available in Pro version of IM+.

So why should you pay for IM+ Beep?

By getting the Pro version of IM+,You can get the goodness of both the worlds.

You can  chat to your friends from different networks as well people on IM+ Beep network.

You can grab IM+ from the following links

IM+ free version:

IM+ Pro version:

Happy instant messaging on your windows phone!!


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Mahendra Kumar

ASP.NET developer by profession and develops windows phone applications as hobby. He likes reading classical tamil literature, drawing caricatures, singing and recording the same on my mobile. Mahendra Kumar is the resident windows expert for News@Indiandragon