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Posted by on Apr 17, 2013 in Law, Movies | 1 comment

‘The Matrix’, ‘Terminator’ movies were copied !


The matrix, one of the most successful science fiction franchise plagued by copyright infringement

Sophia Stewart, an African American writer of science fiction novels have won the copryright for her story which was adopted in ‘The Matrix‘ and ‘Terminator‘ movies. She has won the six-year case against the Wachowski Brothers, Joel Silver and Warner Brothers over her manuscript ‘The Third Eye‘ copyrighted in 1981.

Judge Margaret Morrow presiding, Central District of California received and acknowledged the Stewart’s allegations involving copyright infringement and racketeering.

Sophia Stewart science fiction writer

Sophia Stewart science fiction writer

Stewart is said to recieve 2.5 Billion dollars in damages for her content in the The Matrix 1, II, III and Terminator and it’s sequels. FBI investigation led to the discovery that more than thirty minutes had been edited from the original film, in an attempt to avoid penalties for copyright infringement.

witness from Warner Brothers came forward to testify that the executives and lawyers had full knowledge that the work in question did not belong to the Wachoski Brothers.

Many were unaware of the developments for past six years. Stewart came forward with an answer –

‘ The reason you have not seen any of this in the media is because Warner Brothers parent company is AOL-Time Warner…. this GIANT owns 95 percent of the media… let me give you a clue as to what they own in the media business… New York Times papers/magazines, LA Times papers/magazines, People Magazine, CNN news, Extra, Celebrity Justice, Entertainment Tonight, HBO, New Line Cinema, DreamWorks, Newsweek, Village Roadshow and many, many more! They are not going to report on themselves. They have been suppressing my case for years.’

June 13th 2004, Sophia Stewart’s press release read –

‘The Matrix & Terminator movie franchises have made world history and have ultimately changed the way people view movies and how Hollywood does business, yet the real truth about the creator and creation of these films continue to elude the masses because the hidden secret of the matter is that these films were created and written by a Black woman…a Black woman named Sophia Stewart. But Hollywood does not want you to know this fact simply because it would change history. Also it would encourage our Black children to realize a dream and that is…nothing is impossible for them to achieve!


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  • Derek Pater

    wow, good on her for sticking to her guns, and winning the case