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Posted by on Apr 17, 2013 in Gadgets, Google Glass | 0 comments

Google Glass Explorer Edition Unboxing Video

Google Glass XE

Google Glass XE, Photo by Brandon Allgood

Google Glass XE

Google Glass XE, phot by Brandon Allgood

Lucky few of the Google Glass Explorer program got their hands on the Google Glass Explorer Edition

and Brandon Allgood was prompt to share the first glimpses of his prized possession to in his Google + account.

And DanMcLaughlin shared the unboxing video of this nifty device to the public.  Glass Explorer edition comes with a XE branded box, two shades of Glasses – one sun glass and another for normal use and the actual Google glass device.

It is been said Google Glass would be available for public by the end of the year and will cost around $1500 it might even have a normal glass version where  in users using medical glass can also enjoy some Google Glass fun.

You can watch the Google glass explorer edition unboxing video by Dan below,

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