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Posted by on Apr 6, 2013 in Entertainment, Hollywood, Movie Reviews, Movies, Z_Featured | 0 comments

Gi Joe Retaliation : No Spoiler Movie Review, typical abrupt action movie

Decoder :
Title : Gi Joe Retaliation
Type : Movie
Language : English
Genre : Action
Cast : Dwayne Johnson, D.J. Cotrona, Channing Tatum

Direction : Jon M. Chu
Writers : Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick
Pre Release Hype : 
The only reason I wish to watch Gi Joe movie is like thousands of people who grew up in 90’s, I too loved Gi Joe cartoon and Hasbro action figures. I still have dozen’s of them ! So with such a fan base, Gi Joe movie could leverage it for it’s advantage to create a franchise like current super hero movies.
Gi Joe ‘Rise of the Cobra’ had a moderate opening with some top class action sequence and the sequel ‘Gi Joe Retaliation’ is expected to be even better.


Post Release Review :
The movie starts with Gi Joe’s now recognised, showing their prowess in North Korea and Pakistan. Joe’s  now have Duke, Roadblock, Flint, Jinx, Lady Jaye and Bruce Willis as General Joe Colton. Cobra’s now have cobra commander, Zartan, Storm Shadow and Ray Stevenson as firefly.
As usual cobra tries  to destroy the world with a smal change being, it want’s to destroy nuclear armed states first and Joe’s stop that from happening. Dwayne Johnson flush fit into famous joe machine gunner Roadblock’s character. Adrianne Palicki is pretty as Lady jaye the lead female joe.
Owing to the legacy of Gi Joe’s unbelievable gadgets and farfetched action sequence, Retaliation does not deviate. Ninja antics involving snake eyes and storm shadow does not fail to impress with heavy CG involved, especially the sword fight in tokyo mountain landscape involving snake eyes, jinx and cobra fighters is one of the best in recent times. CG effects though perfect, looks un called for most of the times
The scenes in Retaliation look fragmented with no attachment to the script, seems like they were put in place just for the sake of over rating the characters . Apart from the vehicles and costume used in the movie, the escape of cobra commander in his helicopter at the end stick with the original Gi Joe series !
Conclusion :

If you are a Gi joe fan or just love to watch far fetched abrupt action sequences, then you might enjoy this movie but no promises !

Rating :
Gi Joe retaliation get’s three dragon from me !

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