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Posted by on Feb 1, 2013 in Entertainment, Kollywood, Movie Reviews, Movies, Z_Featured | 1 comment

Viswaroopam: No spoiler movie review, Indian spy story no different but all together new

Decoder :
Title : Viswaroopam
Type : Movie
Language : Tamil
Genre : Spy thriller
Cast : Kamal Hasan, Pooja Kumar, Rahul Bose, Andrea Jeremiah, Shekhar Kapur

Direction : Kamal Hasan
Music :  Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy
Pre Release Hype : Well, lot of hype was around this movie for two years which has lately been morphed to controversy regarding it’s story line and also Kamal’s decision to release the move in DTH platform. As of this writing the movie was not released in Tamilnadu, but has been released in other parts of India and world in Tamil, Hindi and Telugu. Viswaroopam is Kamal’s come back three years after ‘Manmadha Ambu’. This big budget film is the highest till date for Kamal, uses technicians from Hollywood and is expected to take tamil cinema to an international arena. Read on no spoiler review of Viswaroopam to see how it fares according to me.


Post Release Review : Nirupama(pooja) has married kathak teacher Viswanathan (Kamal) to settle in New york and pursue her doctorate in Nuclear Oncology. Her marriage is in trouble as she is in affair with her boss and she doubts her husband might be in an affair too. She sets up a private detective to investigate her husband’s activities, but ends up finding that her husband is not what he seems to be and later goes on to save the day in New York from a dirty bomb planted by Al qaeda terrorists !
Yeah, the story has to be seen to be believed (doubtful even then !), but the effort made to make it believable deserves the movie to be watched. The casting of  Rahul Bose as terrorist and Pooja Kumar with her brahmin accent has been excellent but the english actors especially those portrayed as FBI agents do an awful job with their seemingly artificial acting skills. Of-course when there’s kamal hassan on screen, there’s little need to see how other’s perform !
The Dialogues are very well written by Atul Tiwari and Kamal hasan. The dialogues manages to convey the reasoning of the terrorists for their activities and the retaliation they get. Too bad if those dialogues get’s edited inorder to get screening permission in Tamilnadu.
Viswaroopam goes in line with recent strings of Spy thrillers in Indian cinema like ‘Agent Vinod’, ‘Ek tha tiger’ and ‘Thandavam’ but goes a step higher in terms of Technology and Stunts. The cinematography is hand in hand with the demanding script and the still motion shots are used aptly. Though the scenes involving american soldiers were a first to Indian cinema, costume design by Gautami and CG used in the movie was near perfect.
I felt the scenes involving FBI in New York lacked Integrity as it felt some what casual and the un necessary dialogues used to prove the intelligence prowess of R&W agent. Might be due to countless number of Hollywood movies before has shown the response of  US agencies incase of a dirty bomb, the response in Viswaroopam seemed dull. The miniature drone was bit over rated, as there are aftermarket drones available which are similar to one used in real in US agencies.
Kamal is no stranger to either Fist fighting or as a spy, we’ve seen his fist-fighting skills in ‘Vettaiyaadu Villaiyaadu’ and as a spy in evergreen 80’s  thirller – ‘Vikram’. I felt the fist action in the initial escape sequence was distorted by the occasional un-necessary rope tricks & fast motion, though the overall scope of that action scene has been tremendous (I wish again, this scene not to be edited for release sake).
The background music with full length songs  is a good move indeed which has exploited Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy ‘s skills to the fullest. The movie has supposedly taken in Auro 3D audio format, so those watching in theatres featuring Auro technology are in for a treat from this full action entertainer.
Conclusion : Viswaroopam is the Indian spy story no different but all together new. A little more reasoning could have been put into the subject of Indian R&W involvement, like why Al qaeda & America when there’s Lakshar & Pakistan for us ? Might be in the sequel. From the looks of it, a sequel is not far behind i.e if the first one get’s released without much delay. Viswaroopam should be watched in theatre’s to get the full aspect & scale of the movie.
Rating : It gets 3 1/2 dragons from me !
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