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Posted by on Dec 16, 2012 in Android Tablets, ROM, Tablets, Z_Featured | 5 comments

AOKP ROM vs Official Jellybean ROM for Galaxy Tab 2.0

Android Open Kang Project(AOKP) is a custom ROM project based on Cyanogenmod. But unlike CM which offers only nightlies(as of writing), AOKP has released a milestone(stable) version of Jellybean 4.1.2 ROM for Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3100. AOKP ROM’s are light weight and have kernels capable of realtime processor speed stepping thereby giving maximum performance at the same time conserving battery charge.

For installation instructions on AOKP ROM in Galaxy Tab2 P3100 see my guide from the link below.

AOKP ROM vs Official Jellybean ROM

AOKP is a light weight and it includes Nova launcher in addition to default jellybean launcher, due to it’s light weight packaging it does not even include a file browser and of course due to it’s after market nature you have to install google apps in a separate package. There’s nothing new in the UI and it includes all the extra settings found in the cyanogenmod ROM’s and with the ability to customize Navigation, Status and Toggle buttons.

The real difference with the AOKP and Official Jellybean ROM lies in the performance and the time between charging. I have already benchmarked these two fields when I reviewed the official jellybean ROM for Tab2

Official ROM benchmarks using AnTuTu

AOKP ROM Benchmarks using AnTuTu

The benchmarks clearly shows above 2k points increase in performance scores between Official ROM and AOKP ROM mainly due to the optimised kernel and interactive Processor Clock management.

As AKOP includes different processor governance rules, I benchmarked in Interactive mode in which the processor states are switched between 300MHz and 1.2GHz and in Performance mode where the processor stays at 1.2GHz, un-surprisingly there’s just few hundred points difference which shows that the processor governor switch the processor clock to maximum performance when needed.

Battery :

AOKP ROM gives a whooping 11+ hours of  time  between charging ! compared to 7+ hours in the official ROM. The 11+ hours includes wifi connected all the time with 7 hours of download, few hours of browsing, an hour of HQ video on youtube and about an hour of NFS Mostwanted. Without saying AOKP ROM beats the official ROM hands down when it comes to time between charging thanks to it’s intelligent power/performance management.
So does the above features impress you ? then go ahead with AOKP ROM following the link above. Have any queries/suggestions ? Let me know through the comments.
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  • Quraish

    As u are aware I have no clues on rooting..
    So what difference or advantages will I as a common guy (who does not know how to tinker around with settings) have by rooting my phone to this aokp rom.

  • I will post on the advantages and disadvantages of rooting, this sunday.

  • Quraish

    Awaiting the article.
    Will the aokp rom give me all settings as the stock samsung rom viz wi-fi direct etc..
    Or is the setting section different

  • All settings + More settings.

  • fbh

    can anyone please inform me??—–>how much RAM is displayed by
    AOKP ROM 4.1.2, just like stock ICS shows 660 MB RAM,,,, STOCK JB shows
    770 RAM, but cyanogenmod 10.1(4.2.1) showed me 691 MB(less than 770 mb, i
    thought it show around 800 due to default less apps), similarly how
    much doed this show????

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