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Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in Entertainment, Kollywood, Movie Reviews, Movies | 0 comments

Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom : No spoiler Review. Is a good movie, watch it.

Decoder :
Title : Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom
Type : Movie
Language : Tamil
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Vijay Sethupathi, Gayathrie

Direction : Balaji Tharaneetharan
Music :  Ved Shankar Siddarth Vippin

             (Soundtrack) (score)

Reviewer’s Ambience :
Theatre: The Cinemas
Movie duration : 2 hours 15 Minutes

Pre Release Hype : 
Balaji Tharaneetharan’s interestingly titled  Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom (English: Few Pages were missing in the Middle) is one of the widely expected movie of this season. Vijay Sethupathi has proved his mettle with critically acclaimed Pizza (read pizza review here ) and Sundarapandian, with pizza still running successfully in some screens lets see whether NKPK would add to Vijay’s success spree. Hey crazy penne and O crazy minnal has been in FM’s top charts since the audio release of NKPK.

Post Release Review :
As expected the movie starts with a nifty ‘Excuse Me Sir’ song by mano, a good choice of voice by Siddarth giving the characterisation of the protagonist – Vijay as prem, a depressed bachelor and his three friends. Prem with his marriage a day after, goes for a game of cricket with his friends and due to a mishap completely loses his memory for the entire year and more importantly of his lover/fiancee. So it is now up to his three friends to tackle the scenario and whether his friends succeed in getting prem married makes the rest of the movie.

The friend’s characters played by Rajkumar, Vigneswaran, Bagavathi Perumal has more role in movie than Vijay and they do it brilliantly. There are very few dialogues in the movie cause each one of them seemed exponentially repetitive, there were some times where the audience knew exactly what they would hear and didn’t want to hear them, amazingly the director cut-short the dialogues at those scenes. But those dialogues play a vital part of the film and it might have been tough to forego them.

The movie has been cut short by 25 minutes, I guess 20 minutes of it should have been the same dialogues which I told about , but you will be shocked to know that neither O crazy minnal nor Hey crazy penne makes it to the movie. A sure disappointment to those like me who wanted to see the song in picture. ‘Omelette Potta’ appears as a ‘promo song’ just after interval, and I am not sure whether it was need as such, it could have easily passed as a end-credit song. Background score has been done right and it aids in the screenplay effectively when needed.

There is no visible CG in the movie. The camera angles are mostly close-up shots demanding perfect facial expressions by the lead characters. There are some well angled slow motion shots during the cricket match. Considering the genre, there’s no stunts either.

Sadly the new comer Gayathrie has not much role in the movie, but makes up by just staying on the screen during the vital reception scene where the director manages to get you to the edge of your seats either by suspense or just by laughing your stomach out ! a feat achieved by very few in comedy films.

Conclusion : NKPK falls in the list of very few movies from tamil cinema in the genere of comedy like Chennai 600028 , which made it big with few characters and new faces but staying subtle and more interesting than the predecessor. It is good to see directors like Balaji Tharaneetharan showing prowess of directional wizardry with their first main stream movie. Overall, NKPK is a good movie -watch it.

Rating : NKPK gets 4 dragons from me !

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