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Posted by on Nov 26, 2012 in Android Tablets, ROM, Tablets | 61 comments

Galaxy Tab 2 Jelly Bean Upgrade – Review, Performance Magnified


The much awaited Jelly Bean Upgrade for Galaxy Tab 2 was released in parts of Europe
yesterday officially by the network carriers. Samsung would release the upgrade to other parts
of the world in coming months. Taking clue from the Galaxy S2 ICS release schedule in India
(it took 3 months after official release in Europe), I did not wait for the upgrade to be released in
India and instead flashed the Romanian release by Vodafone successfully. Read on my review
of the Jelly Bean on Galaxy Tab2.
To Upgrade your Galaxy Tab2 with Jelly Bean Android 4.1.1, see the guide in my blog –

User Interface :


Looks like samsung has toned down the  Touchwiz for it’s Jelly Bean upgrade. Has brought

the touch buttons to the middle and omitted the screen capture button for the sake of new
Jelly bean feature which allows you to capture screen by pressing  power+volume down for
two seconds. Removing the screen capture was indeed a good move as we often mis-pressed the
screen capture in the older Ice cream sandwich ROM.

It is not just the screen capture which has lost it’s place, the notification bar has also been moved
to the top and it can now be pulled from any part of the screen. It is another welcome move
according to me, as the important control buttons at the bottom now look distinct and uncluttered.

Notifications :

As with JellyBean, notification drawer also serves as a preview for your applications. Very useful incase of email’s and other apps where you wish to see the gist instead of opening the application from the notification.

Google Now :

Holding the Home button now gives you siri  Google now ! A personalised assistant , feature
of Jelly Bean. It gives you personalised information for your daily activity based on your google search results.

Performance & Touch :

Well AnTuTu Benchmark surely shows a 500 point jump from the ICS score. Though this
does not necessarily translate into realtime performance increase, it is good to know that the
tablet is performing better with Jelly Bean upgrade.

Thanks to project Butter in jelly bean, the touch seemed hyper sensitive and should mention
hat there were no lag in touch in Touch Wiz during ICS too. A game of fruit ninja would let
you know the powers of the Project Butter.

Battery :

There has been a tremendous improvement on the battery usage. I started with 100% battery,

flashed Jelly Bean ROM, tried out apps, performed benchmarks, tested flash player,
took screen caps all with wifi and bluetooth constantly connected and still after 1 hour the
battery stayed at 80 %. Looks like Samsung Tab 2 would fall into Nexus 7 battery arena
with the jelly bean update.
Security :

Apart from the better drive encryption, with Jelly Bean update you get apps encryption for
paid apps from the google play. There’s facial, pin and password unlock along with samsung’s own dive tracking system.

Conclusion :

Samsung should be appreciated for bringing the Jelly Bean upgrade at such short notice,
while other manufacturers (read except Google Nexus) are still shipping their tablets with ICS.
From my initial usage, I can clearly notice improvements in battery usage and touch performance. Changing control button alignments on the screen and moving notification bar to the top is a
welcome move.
Jelly Bean is suppose  to handle wifi and data connection intelligently according to its feature specifications, it should come handy for Galaxy Tab2. Hope samsung brings official OTA update
to all countries soon as many would not feel comfortable flashing ROM using tools like I did.
(Get the link for flashing Jelly Bean to your galaxy tab2 from above).

Want better performance and time-between charging ? Check out my AOKP ROM comparison .

Share your Jelly Bean experience or questions in the comments below and follow me over twitter
and facebook to get in touch personally.
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Indiandragon though Developer, Hacker and Researcher by profession, he aslo writes on Movies, Sports and Entertainment in News@Indiandragon. He specialises in Technology, Defence and Information Security.
  • CM10 Rocks

    Hi Sir,
    I am running Cyanogenmod 10 Android 4.1.2.  Tested my gt-p3100 on Antutu benchmark. Recorded a whooping score of 7114 !!!

  • Hi good to hear that, btw do you use overclocked kernel or stock CM10 kernel ? Can you share the developer thread of the CM10 firmware you are using ?

  • CM10 Rocks

    I am using stock CM10 kernel. The CPU Governor is set on default “Interactive” mode. The ROM version is cm-10-20121126-NIGHTLY-p3100

  • Thanks for the information mate.

  • Hi,

    How’s the touch sensitivity ?

    Does the issues mentioned by the developers occur frequently ? the call features with bluetooth headset work well will your CM ROM ? Did you find anything a miss from the Stock ROM ?

  • CM10 Rocks

    No issue with touch sensitivity. The bluetooth headset connectivity is the only issue so far. Absolutely no other problem. 🙂

  • Thank you for your inpusts !

  • Official update

    just officially upgraded to 4.1.1 by samsung in india. the worst part is the screen shot is missing. pressing the volume up doesnt help…it doesnt capture the screen. dont know if it was region specific…but personally miss it alot since that even helped editing the screen shot captured earlier. but now have to download it from the market which is a pain. Samsung shud take a look into this an give a screen shot option asap…!!!!!

  • Share the link for the ROM. As for screen capture you have to keep the volume down + power button pressed for about 2 seconds. It should work.

  • The screenshot switch is now (volume down)+(On/off switch) pressed together. I think it was a good idea to do this so we dont take accidental screen shots as before.

  • Was initially disappointed to see that the wi-fi direct was missing on my galaxy tab 2. Soon found it in a new location. It is right there on top when you enter settings.
    (previously it was in more settings)

  • So did your upgrade via kies or flashed manually ? If you had done manually share the link to the ROM.

  • I got it automatically. My auto update is set to on. I think it was done by samsung. I found the upgraded tab after a good night’s sleep without any action.

  • Lol. that would have been a pleasant surprise 🙂

  • Here’s the link to the upgrade to JB 4.1.1

    It gives detailed description on how-to as well as the link to the upgrade zip

  • Here’s the link to the upgrade to JB 4.1.1

    It gives detailed description on how-to as well as the link to the upgrade zip

  • That’s for Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 WiFi GT-P5110 not P3100.

  • O. K. I just googled and found this . maybe some users can use this link.

  • 123kid

    hi i got my tab 2 upgraded to jelly bean today in india..i am not getting the screen capture with power + vol down button..any idea regarding whether we ll be getting mutitasking splitscreen?

  • power button + volume down for 2 secs gives screen cap. Splitscreen not available for tab2.

  • Debrup Chakraborty

    ok…….so i actually upgraded it not knowing what i was doing……..but later checking the section about device and reading your blog…..i will say WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F**king awesome……………and really nice blog or else i would not have known the screen capture pattern…………..

  • Glad it was helpful, check out my AOKP ROM vs Official Jellybean ROM for Galaxy Tab 2.0 here –

  • Hey, AOKP ROM for tab2 gives out 7800+ in AnTuTu even in interactive mode ! Check my benchmarks here –

  • KKD1

    It was not working for me either at first….
    Then I removed the tab from its case (to make sure I can press 2 button simultaneously ) and then pressed POWER + LOW VOL key for 2 secs…. and it works !!

    But it does not give the chance to edit like before..can anybody help how to do it ?

  • ranbir singh

    Unlike previously, all screenshots are saved in the screenshots directory with the date/time.png format, automatically. You can open this file and edit it.

  • when i check for updates on my GT3100, I get a message which says no updates available. how come people are able to update officially then??

  • What phone are you using? Mine is GT-P3100, android 4.0.4. But I am not able to update it further. It keeps on saying “No updates available”.

  • What ROM do you have ?

  • kanishk

    I have P3100 Tab 2 7″ . Got official upgrade to jelly bean on Tab2 not via kies,

  • kanishk

    Press (Volume down + Power On/Off) Together , I again say Press them simultaneously…It will work

  • JuanM

    Thanks for the post. I really didn’t like the layout of the screen with this update. With a 7 inch view adding an upper bar takes some screen over and narrows the view when the tab is oriented horizontally. I looks now more like an cell phone rather than a tablet. They should have allow this custumization.

  • thanks for sharing your opinion. Yes, samsung has retained original Stock Jelly bean UI, though small time player like Karbonn has Tablet UI in it’s smart 2 tablet. But if you want customisation you can check out AOKP ROM which offers forced Tablet UI if needed –

  • dipa ahuja

    one thing i dont like is it doesn’t show the battery in % is there any way to see the % of battery status?

  • in default ROM you can see the % of charge only when you lock screen and connect to charger. You can install third party battery apps from Google play to show % and even set alarms for a 60-40 battery cycle for better battery life –

  • akshay a

    After the download of the version 4.1.1 on my galaxy tab 2 (GT-P3100), the e mails application has just crashed, I have many people who are also going through the same issue,The e mails just dont load at all and if at all they do ,it gets stuck there, ever ever faced such a problem in the earlier version.

  • Which mail service provider do you use in your email app ? Does your friends who face this issue use same mail service? Which ROM are you using, Official?

  • Quraish

    Hi.. My tab 2 is running on android 4.1.1

    Samsung have released the 4.1.2 upgrade in France. Have you tried it out. Is it better than 4.1.1

    I’m not too good with this stuff.. have never rooted before but what thinking of following the instructions given here :

    What is your view. Will it be worth it?

  • Hi, according to me AOKP ROM is the best stable ROM available for Tab2 in terms of performance and time between charging.Also it comes with 4.1.2 Cyanogenmod base. Read my comparison here – . If you still wish to have official ROM and do not wish to get your hands dirty (rooting,flashing) , then you can wait for official OTA update in your area as the minor update would not effect in huge performance difference. If you wish to root, you can follow my guide here –

  • Quraish

    Hi.. really dont have any experience in rooting but I guess everyone has to learn.. will u help me?
    Can u send me ur email id or chat account?

  • There is nothing more than what I’ve mentioned in that post, your queries would be answered through comments.

  • Quraish

    Will upgrading to the france firmware mean I will need to re flash the phone once the indian 4.1.2 is released?
    Also what exactly does root mean? Except for additional apps how does it benefit me. It gives me access to modify system files but i dont know what to do with them to give me a better android experience

  • kedar

    hi I am not able to capture screen by pressing power+volume down button can u elp me …?

  • harmeet

    I am also not able to take screccnshot by pressing d volume + power button

  • After flashing third party/other country ROM, you would not receive any updates from Samsung and you have to re flash it. As for rooting, the major disadvantage is security. Attack like these ( can be carried on your device. At the same time Rooting unlocks host features like system maintenance tools and in security like firewall apps, Ad blockers etc (I will write a post on security apps this sunday).

  • Quraish

    Eagerly awaiting the article. Will be a first of its kind.

  • abhi singh

    after software updated , plz tell me hoe to create shourtcut for screenshot (other then power+volumedown) . . my mailid is

  • Hi Abhi,
    Volume + power is the right choice for screenshot, but if you want any other method then you should try third party apps in Google play (they might require rooting) and others paid.

  • anurag

    I am using tab 2 and i am planing to update it to jelly Bean but my frds are saying my tab will get slow due to this and will get hanging prob. So i am confuse plz guide me is it gud to update my tab and will it effect my tab speed reply asap my id is

  • Rather it would be faster if you upgrade to jelly bean (project butter), if you need more performance check my post on AOKP rom.

  • Analhaque

    very useful Indiandragon. Tnq a lot.

  • Murali

    S, Anurag i have installed the JB and after tat my tab has bcome slow and now i dont JB…its a poor update. Better ignore

  • I am not sure why your tab is slow,but aokp rom is lot better than official rom

  • Dr. Aman

    To all users, jelly bean update is now officially available in india from samsung. Just use software update option in settings section of ur tab2



  • jdseagull

    I recently upgraded tab2 to 4.1.1 . Few problems:
    1.When autorotate is on, the lock screen does not this a bug??
    2. few songs do not have album art..Instead when i see these songs in my music library,it has some of my photos in my galary as the album art..I dont want it like that..
    Please help.

  • 1. Autorotate on screen lock is not available on most JB ROMS.
    2. This is an known case of music player app in JB, try putting an album art for the song you have using Album art grabber app.

  • If you want better performance, then you have to use a cyanogenmod based ROM such as AOKP, read my review of AOKP ROM for P3100 here –

  • pgaurav

    This feature is still working fine. Only they had changed the way of taking the screen shot. Now you have to simultaneously press the Power button & Vol low button. Both the button should be pressed at a time for 2 sec.

  • Ankit

    Finally its in India.. wow.. I looked it on about AOKP ROM’s.. just loving it.. thnx

  • AOKP ROM for Galaxy Tab2 is better than the official ROM. No second thoughts on that.

  • dj

    Samsung service center reprogrammed and upgraded to jellybean my tab after camera failed problem. My question is how to remove rotation of screen when the screen is lock. I already disabled screen rotation but screen still rotates when lock. Please help. I noticed this after the jellybean upgrde. Aside from that, calendar has entries and had contacts from google but i dont know those names. Is this a bug?

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