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Posted by on Oct 12, 2012 in Entertainment, Kollywood, Movie Reviews, Movies | 4 comments

Maattrraan : no spoiler movie review. Double the fun, Double the dampen

Decoder :
Title : Maattrraan
Type : Movie
Language : Tamil
Genre : Action
Cast : Suriya, Kajal Aggarwal, Sachin Khedekar
Direction : K.V. Anand
Music :  Harris Jayaraj

Reviewer’s Ambience :
Theatre: The Cinemas
Movie duration : 2 hours 45 minutes

Pre Release Hype : Suriya joins hands with K.V. Anand yet another time after the runaway hit Ayaan.  K.V. Anand had created a niche for himself with the critically successful political thriller Ko. Suriya’s double action in the form of conjoined twins is highly anticipated in the Maattraan movie especially after his not so good 7am arrivu.

Post  Release Review : The movie starts with the anticipated sequence of Suriya’s birth as a conjoined twins, but the difference here being that it was a result of his dad’s genome work for creating super human child but resulted in child being conjoined with a shared heart. Suriya’s mother refuses to split the child, so they both grow conjoined in the background score of Rettai Kathirae with some interesting visuals.

Suriya’s dad as a genetic scientist  played by Sachin Khedekar has an important role in the plot of the movie. To show the difference between the conjoined twins, their characterisation is made opposite to one another with one being smart and subtle while the other being careless and hippy. Tara fits perfectly into the role of Suriya’s mother. Kajal play’s the love interest of both the Suriya’s and there’s nothing more to say about her in this movie. The first half of the movie goes blazing, with the smart Suriya discovering that, his dad’s high selling energy drink formulae has a serious issue in it and after which the twin’s are met with tragedy. The second half of the movie is in snail mode with Suriya travelling to Latvia ( Ukvania) uncovering soviet era secrets regarding his father’s energy drink and Suriya’s actions to stop it Indian children from getting affected by it.

I felt Anand found it difficult to move the movie in same phase without compromising on the details, it seemed he had taken cues from the previous failed attempts in bringing genetics to tamil cinema. So he has deliberately explained every single scientific terms in the movie which has made the second half of the movie too slow to the point we forget how good the movie started and at a point we start to think what we are doing in soviet era country by the way ? As with K.V. Anand’s previous movies, the song’s aren’t misplaced but they are just not needed. Anand make’s good movie scripts, I am sure he can do away with some of the songs to make the movie crispier.

Suriya makes everything seem easy with his proficient acting skills, it just feels good to see him on the screen. Maattrraan would go into tamil film history books as one of the complex double action movies but pulled off amazingly and would stand on the same platform as Shankar’s ‘jeans’.

Technically, the movie is best double action Indian movie till date considering the intricate stunt and dance movements featuring the conjoined twins. Speaking of stunts, though not as good as the fist-fighting skills shown in later tamil movies (read Thandavam, Mugamoodi) the one involving the twins was good but lengthly like everything else in the movie. There were occasional unwanted wire-tricks which could have been avoided.

Seems Harris Jayaraj is loosing his knack as none of the songs in mention worthy apart from the K.V. Anand’s brilliance in cinematography in song visuals epecially in Naane koni.

Conclusion : According to me K.V Anand did not fail in delivering what was anticipated from him in Maattrraan, but he did not meet the fullness demanded from such powerful script. He made watching the movie tedious in the second half. That being said, how often you watch genetically created conjoined twin heroes in action to save the country from a disaster ? So it is Double the fun, Double the dampen.

Rating : Maattrraan get’s 3 1/2 dragons from me !

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Indiandragon though Developer, Hacker and Researcher by profession, he aslo writes on Movies, Sports and Entertainment in News@Indiandragon. He specialises in Technology, Defence and Information Security.
  • Rezan808

     Amidst huge expecations been to theatre….. Honestly speaking the movie
    starts on a very promising note with neat screenplay , comical
    situations, cleverly written wity oneliners and beautifully picturzed songs especially Nani Koni was top
    notch with stunning locales of Norway and some twists thrown all over (
    Some predictable too) and comes the pre interval scene as icing on the
    cake…. A fitting interval twist to the good first half….So far so
    good… Comes interval…..Second half starts on a rather poor note and
    real dampner starts when the lead pair goes to Latvia ( Ukvania) over there the 
    unmoving screenplay tests your patience to the core, though the locales
    are very beautiful ( Latvia) and the so called twists goes to the
    loophole and here comes the CLIMAX….One of the utterly boring long
    drawn climax in recent times.( ever heard villian killed by rats :)funny buddy )…Ends on a rather disppointing note……
    Verdict : Audience can leave the theatre after good first
    half…….Still the movie is not bad as 7am Arivu……Brownie points:
    Good first half, Nani koni song picturization is one of the best in
    recent times, Pre interval twist and ofc Suriya…..The problem with
    this movie is atleast for me the expectation was huge for Kv Anand
    especially for his trademark twists…… But most of the twists seems
    forced and out of place……And it gives the feeling of u watching 2

  • Lol

  • Naveensurya96

    no man it wil definitely b a bb or super hit 🙂

  • ‘Hit ‘ in Indian cinema has nothing to do with Good ness of the movie.