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Posted by on Sep 2, 2012 in Entertainment, Kollywood, Movie Reviews, Movies | 2 comments

Movie Review: Mugamoodi,Super Hero just short from Super Fail

Decoder :

Title : Mugamoodi
Type : Movie

Language : Tamil
Genre : Action
Cast :  Jiiva, Narain, Nasser, Selvaah, Pooja Hedge

Direction : Mysskin

Music : K
Reviewer’s Ambience :

Theatre: The Cinemas
Movie duration : 2 hours 35 minutes

Pre Release Hype : Mysskin has created himself a cult following with his neat, subtle short movies with high drama. His unique way of story telling in Chithiram Pesuthadi , Anjathey and Yutham Sei has worked in his favour. Mugamoodi is his first high budget film and has Jiiva who has give a series of hits as the lead and Narain as the antagonist who has donned as hero is earlier Mysskin films.

Post Release Review : My first impression of this movie is that Mysskin seemed to have been clearly confused on whether to handle this movie in his usual style or to take a super hero movie in hollywood style or to take a chinese/hongkong kung fu movie of 1960’s era.
The movie starts with a tribute to ‘Bruce Lee’, this shows how determined is Mysskin about show case of ‘Kung-fu’ in Mugamoodi. The movie is typical of the first generation super hero without special powers, so typical that even marvel’s title comic strip is not being spared from copying. You cannot ignore a bar song in a Mysskin movie, so there’s one in mugamoodi too. Come’on Mysskin why does the hero have to drink daily in your movies? So in one line ‘A commoner young men turns into a masked vigelante by the society and he needs to hide his identity even from his girlfriend’ heard it some where before ? well you’ve probably seeing it in all super hero movies for past three decades.

Several question comes to my mind to be asked to Mysskin, if he wanted to show case Kung-Fu primarily then why didn’t he chose actors who already well trained in kungfu? Some one like Vidyut of Billa 2/Force fame ? Though Jiiva and Narain do their best in fist-fighting and taking Kung-Fu stances, they do not seem to impress. Must mention that action sequences in Mysskin’s earlier movies like the nail cutter fight in Yutham Sei or the Hospital fight sequences in Anjathey are classic, and no rope tricks were there in those movies. Since Jiiva and Narain are not martial arts trained, there are occasional un necessary rope tricks involved in mugamoodi. Ah yes, there Pooja Hedge. She speaks four sentences in this movie and comes back bare in a song.

Mysskin has tried to bring in logic to the super hero script by applying everything he had seen from the hollywood movies for several years, even the background score was batman’ish . 
There were many scenes not typical of Mysskin, like the police officer’s begging Mr.Mugamoodi’s help. The clip sent by Dragon is looked like to play on an iPad but the video is actually overlaid during editing and the iPad looks 7″, might be after Apple releases a  7″ iPad later this year we will see it less obvious.   The Villian’s assistant trying to drop the bus from the crane, while punching and stabbing it while still standing on it was extremely hilarious.

There are some first’s for a tamil cinema in the mugamoodi too which makes watching this movie quite tolerable like the costumes of Dragon’s henchmen were a mix of splinter cell  Sam Fisher’s and Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion complete with Night Vision Goggles !! The Parkour (Jumping high rise buildings) based jumps were nice to watch. Must admit, this is the first tamil movie dedicated to show fist-fighting for the maximum time though Bruce Lee’s ‘Jeet Kune Do’ is ignored when the Protagonist is named after him. K’s “Vaayamoodi Summa Iru Da”  is worth listenting.

Conclusion : Do not expect  a Mysskin movie in Mugamoodi, If you like tamil actors do fist fighting,  a bit of Parkour  and talk about ‘Kung-Fu’ like their birth right, then watch this movie. Yeah also there’s a reason to take your kid’s with you cause it is a ‘Super Hero’ movie too !!

Rating : Three dragons for those first’s in a tamil movie.

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  • It is so one sided review and it has pointed out only the negative things. i feel its unfair for a review. 

  • Hi, Thanks for your comment.

    Sorry that you felt it that way.The way I have reviewed is by comparing both positive and negative aspects of this movie. As a matter of fact the negative aspects you read in the review are the result of comparing positive aspects of film making by mysskin in his earlier films and how this movie is made. The very fact of rating provided to this film is based on the few positive things found in the movie.

    If you are unable to notice these in the review, please read the review again and if you still find you have something to say which support your claim please be free to use the comment system to write a brief review of what you felt about the film.