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Posted by on Aug 26, 2012 in Entertainment, Kollywood, Movie Reviews, Movies | 0 comments

Eppadi Manasukkul Vandhai :Movie review. Bull shit, Black list the director

Tanvi Vyas with Vishwa in Eppadi Manasukkul Vandhai

Decoder :

Title : Eppadi Manasukkul Vandai
Type : Movie
Language : Tamil
Genre : Romance/Action
Cast : Vishwa, Tanvi Vyas
Direction : P.V Prasath
Music : A.J Daniel

Reviewer’s Ambience :
Theatre: Thendral Regal, Madurai

Pre Release Hype : P.V Prasath has previously directed Kadhalil Vizhunthaen which was declared a run away success mainly because of the hit number ‘nakku mukka’, so there were expectations from this movie too since there is another similar song ‘Oorakali’.

Post Release Review : In one sentence this is a ‘Bull shit’ movie. I regret to say this, but yes this is far most the worst movie I have seen in recent times. I was in madurai recently and had few hours in hand so I decided to catch up with this movie and I regret it painfully enough that I had to take up Aspirin shot after this movie.

The director has no theme to take up this movie, since it has basically the same script as the Kadhalil Vizhunthaen. The protagonist falls in love, and becomes psychotic to protect his love, wasn’t this the same thing we saw in the previous movie ? But must say when compared with this one, earlier one seemed far better.  There were quite few audiences for the movie, and some of them were foreigners. 
I was thinking most of the time, what these foreigners would think of Indian film’s watching this movie.

The movie as expected starts with the use less ‘Oorakali’ song which pictures Vishwa in intrinsic dance movements but awfully choreographed through out the movie. Only positive aspect we come to know seeing  the songs is  that  Vishwa is a very capable dancer nevertheless  worst music and choreography, camera work synchronised effectively for a utter uselessness. ‘Oru Parviyale’ song is worth listening, yet once again plundered by idiotic choreography. 

Tanvi Vyas is beautiful as expected, but she is asked to smile and laugh artificially through out the movie. She is a fashion student, so she is made to wear multi chromatic dresses all the time. Some times she is made to wear some good dresses but the camera man messes it up as usual. Must mention about the college bus they travel in most part of the movie, it is a top ripped off usual Air Bus which would never pass a safety test in any part of the world. The professor of that fashion college, asks to select a partner for project as if, he is a dating consultant. There are numerous instances like these which make the movie awful to watch.

Conclusion : The director has no other real script to make a movie on, other than psychotic lover boys. So I am going to black list the director’s movies, and advice you all to do the same.

Rating : Not worth a dragon rating.

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