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Posted by on Jul 22, 2012 in iPhone, Mobiles | 0 comments

5 reasons to buy iPhone 3GS for Rs 9,999

Aircel has announced iPhone 3Gs price cut and is now offering unlocked iPhone 3Gs for Rs 9,999 with an annual 3G data plan for Rs 3000 /-

While some part of media have appreciated Aircel for being the first network carrier from India to give an unlocked iPhone 3Gs for lowest price in the world, where other parts of media are saying it is not worth to buy an iPhone 3Gs.
I beg to differ, so I will tell you 5 reasons to buy iPhone 3Gs for Rs 9,999.

1. Battery Life –  iPhone 3GS has better battery life compared to  <15k phones available in the country. 2. iOS 6  – First phone to have seen 4 generations of iOS, making it a smart choice for first time smart phone users who doesn’t care/know  about Siri, Facetime or Retina display.

3. Boon for developers – Small scale/individual app developers who are looking forward to buy an iPhone to test their apps are in for a good buy.

4. App Support – Those who have  < 10k android phones with small screen (<= 2.8') would have noticed they are starting to miss some apps even those made by google themselves like Google Currents, Google Voice etc and 3rd pary apps like Instagram. In iPhone 3GS you can be rest assured for a year, thanks to iOS 6 support. 5. Accessories –  iPhone is more than a smartphone, as it has become smart platform for  a variety of devices which use its port to give augmented functionalities , for eg : AR drone. I can go on with a couple of facts or more, but I think I have made my point clear with the above 5 points. For 12k, iPhone3Gs is a good choice to buy now.

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