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Posted by on Jul 20, 2012 in Entertainment, Hollywood, Movie Reviews, Movies | 0 comments

The Dark Knight : Movie Review, Bat cannot get bigger than this !!

Decoder :

Title : The Dark Knight Rises
Type : Movie

Language : English
Genre : Action
Cast :  Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman

Direction : Christopher Nolan

Music : Hans Zimmer
Reviewer’s Ambience :

Theatre: The Cinemas
Movie duration : 2 hours 45 minutes

Pre Release Hype : 

Batman franchise has never been so successful has it had been under the reign of perfectionist christopher nolan thereby he becomes the first director to have taken the batman script to a trilogy (though there had been many unsuccessful batman movies, the one in which batman costume had nipples !!) and the second director to have taken a super hero movie to a trilogy the first being Sam Raimi for the Spiderman series. Expectations are high for the third and final installment of the Batman series and a cult following has begun for Christopher Nolan movies  since the Inception.

Post Release Review : 
I had bought the 3D glasses (yeah I had to buy those separately for 20 INR since I booked the tickets online) only to know that batman isn’t 3D !! and Christopher Nolan has made a wise choice as it would not have augmented the darkness in the script. TDKR compensates it with a IMAX release with 50 minutes of IMAX footage.

It is tough to review a movie like Dark Knight without the spoiler alerts, and those who had been reading my reviews will know I do not bring in spoilers in my reviews and let you have all the fun when you see the movie (unless the movie is not fun to watch in the first place !!) . In one sentence, Batman cannot get bigger than this so if you are or even if you are not  ‘ go watch the movie now ‘.

The movie is timed eight years after where The Dark Knight left us with Bruce Wayne battered and home ridden and a peaceful Gotham city devoid of batman existence only to be disturbed by super villain Bane which forces our hero to rise again with his usual trademark discipline to save the Gotham city from turmoil – there you go, I reviewed the whole movie without spoiler alerts !!

Anne Hathaway is oomph with those tight latex cat costume and Cotillard as Miranda plays the love interest of Batman in the movie. Bane sure does grips the audience to the seats for one of the longest hollywood movies in years but he does not reach the threshold set by Heath Ledger as Joker in Dark Knight. 

Even without 3D the effects are nothing short of having you whistle or get your hands together. You get enough of Batpod(bike) also you must have seen on trailers of the new flying bat vehicle called ‘Bat’ (Man Nolan does keep the naming conventions simple !! ) and there are lots of action involving the bat car – Tumbler. The music, especially of the foreign language (possibly turkish) –  hua hua si si (something like that) is still ringing in my ears hours after seeing TDKR, I am going to call it Hans Zimmer effect. There are some good fist fighting scenes involving batman and bane though not the best.

Conclusion : 
This sure is the best the batman could get as a batman fan would say, ‘he is the only true super hero without any artificial power’ and writing a script for the same involves some out of the box thinking. Luckily Christopher Nolan is the best person for that and he pulls it off with his usual wizardry . This does not mean the movie is without any errors, we could see Nolan struggling to merge the fictional Gotham City which had been portrayed as an autonomous governing body with the actual America. 
Also Spoiler Alert : Blowing off the Nuclear device on the sea without tsunami is a bit bewildering , not to mention the ropes in the hand of christian bale after he crawls out of the hell hole.

So The Dark Night Rises gets 4 dragons !!

Verdict : 4 dragons.

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