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Posted by on Jul 16, 2012 in Entertainment, Kollywood, Movie Reviews, Movies | 0 comments

Billa 2 : Movie Review, Shoot Stab, Shoot Stab, Shoot Stab

Decoder : 

Title : Billa 2
Type : Movie

Language : Tamil
Genre : Action
Cast :  Ajith Kumar, Parvathy Omanakuttan, Vidyut Jamwal

Direction : Chakri Toleti

Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja

Reviewer’s Ambience :

Theatre: The Cinemas
Movie duration : 2 hours 10 minutes

Pre Release Hype : 

Billa 2 is a prequel to 2007 film Billa starring Ajith, which fared well in Tamilnadu. Billa 2 would be the first movie as a prequel in India hitting the main stream theatres. As the main protagonist established in Billa is a shady character, it would be interesting to see if Chakri Toleti could bring up a justification for the negative characterization through Billa 2: The Begining. The film is set to be released in a record number of 2500 screens across the world. 

Post Release Review :

Billa 2 is a movie made on growth of a gangster with no firm foundation. Chakri Toleti has managed to bring in a fast phased story line along with Eric Felberg to bring about a very hollywood’ish feel to the movie.

The movie starts with a thug holding a plastic gun (The one you can get in your nearest toy store as Air Gun) to Ajith’s head. The reason I mention plastic is though we all know all movie props are fake, the guns used in movies now a days are made of metal capable of firing blank shots . A high budget movie like this one should have a quality control over props, it gave me a really bad impression for the fist scene of a movie.

As I said above, the movie is all about the growth of a highly confident and capable gangster and supposedly not a making of a gangster, I think that is a good decision on the part of the story writer as there is no positive reason to give for a negative characterization of a person. Ajith as Billa in  his usual  subtleness has done what was expected out of him in this film, Vidyut Jamwal has merged well with  the character of Dimmitry who is the mail villain in the plot. Must mention that he is as handsome as Ajith, indeed a first to tamil cinema where villain’s are portrayed as dirty hooligans. The girls in the movie are beautiful, heroine Parvathy  Omanakuttan shares the screen space as the other girls in the songs or even less. I expected her to appear for the hit melody ‘Idhayam’, but tragically the songs has been edited out of the movie as the movie makers felt it slows down the phase of the movie . You  got to be kidding me man. I advice the director to add the song if you want second comer’s to the movie, else I won’t bet on it.

Camera work and Editing by Suresh Urs is brilliant, especially the level of detailing in the 2D graphics sequence in the Tiltle and ‘Unnaikulle Mirugam’ song. As the title of the movie gives the child hood days of Billa in Srilanka as a victim of wars. The level of detailing of the 2D graphics sequence can be seen from the soldiers wearing gas masks symbolizing genocide by chemical weapons on tamils in srilanka. Did the director meant this to be the driving factor behind the characterization of Billa ? then I should say not many noticed the detail in the 2D graphics sadly.

Action sequence in the movie is the best compared to recent tamil movies, as there is no un wanted rope trick in any of the shots. Hand-Hand fist fighting scenes is done brilliantly and the show case of martial arts talent in Vidyut in handy for the progress of the film but the climax scene involving Ajith and Vidyut could have been done better when compared with other action sequence in the movie.

Music is modern a feat well mastered by YSR, but two of the best songs in the movie ‘Gangster’ and ‘Idhayam’ never finds its place in real time. 

Conclusion :
Apart from few dreaded mistakes in the movie, like Ajith poping out of no where in the helicopter in the climax there are some first’s in Billa 2 for tamil cinema to be encouraged about. But nevertheless there’s nothing else to be remembered about in this movie. So it gets 3 dragons from me .

Verdict : 3 dragons.

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