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Posted by on Jun 30, 2012 in Entertainment, Hollywood, Movie Reviews, Movies | 0 comments

Movie Review : The Amazing Spiderman , an interesting cold boot

Decoder : 
Title : The Amazing Spiderman
Type : Movie
Genre : Action
Cast :  Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans
Direction : Marc Webb

Reviewer’s Ambience :
Theatre: The Cinemas
Technology : 3D, RDX
Movie duration : 2 hours 26 minutes

Pre Release Hype : 
Sam Raimi had quit from the hugely popular spiderman series 1- 3 as he thought Spiderman-4 was not necessary which led the Sony Pictures Entertainment which produced the first three series to start the franchise from begining . With Marvel’s Avengers becoming a run away hit, huge expectations are around for this movie.

Post Release Review :
Rebooting a franchise which is extremely successful requires lot of guts and luckily sony has got enough of them to pair along with Marc Webb to bring in a movie made smart enough to meet the expectations .

With all casts different as required by a new story line, the Amazing spiderman is a new movie with same agenda of a boy becoming a man. That said, Andrew Garfield fits perfectly into the suit (or is it spandex) of the spiderman. The villain here is Lizard played by Rhys Ifans. Emma Stone plays Gwen – the lady interest of spiderman, man I am glad there’s no dual dating Mary Jane !! Oh yeah Irfan Khan is there, or was he ? .

Peter’s uncle gets killed and he turns into a crime fighting vigilante given his new super agility from spider bite, this is the only thing which you will find similar to the previous spiderman movies cause everything else is made to be different from previous movies and at the same time trying be justified to the original  the amazing spiderman comic. 3D has added to the ‘new’ factor for the movie, and should say that the technology has been used impressively till the end credit of the movie.

Conclusion :
Marc Webb has done his job in a smart way as I said in the title, it is an interesting cold start ( a term used to start the computer after a power off ). What’s so smart about this movie ? well, I do not want to spoil your fun so check it out yourself at the nearest movie theatre !! It gets 3 1/2 dragons !!

Verdict : 3 1/2 dragons.

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