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Posted by on Jun 17, 2012 in Linux, Operating Systems, Technology, Videos | 0 comments

Linus Torvalds says ‘Fuck You’ to NVIDIA

Pic : Linus rising his middle finger to Nvidia

Lot of us who use Linux with NVIDIA Chips know that open-source drivers for Nvidia is not up-to the mark since NVIDIA does not open-source its drivers, this seem to have angered Linus Torvalds – the brain behind the Linux kernel to the point of him calling “‘NVIDIA has been the single worst company we have ever dealt with.”

Torvalds was speaking earlier this week at the Aalto Center for Entrepreneurship in Otaneimi Finland. He spoke for one hour and his entire interview with public Q&A is available below.

Linus said NVIDIA is an exception to Linux support rather than the rule in terms of their lack of freindliness towards open-source drivers and the linux community etc, He also mentioned he is happy to publicly point them out and their problems.

Torvalds ended his NVIDIA comments with “NVIDIA:FUCK YOU!” while raising his middle finger to the camera.

you can see the complete video below,

Though NVIDIA releases better Linux drivers than its competitors and release it as binary, they are not releasing its source to the linux community. It seems NVIDIA’s PR and management is against embracing Linux community as proprietary OS and it’s gaming market is the one which their revenue is high though their Linux developers are highly skilled, according to Michael Larabel of Phronix.

source : phronix

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