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Posted by on Jun 9, 2012 in Infosec, Malware | 0 comments

Operation: Olympic Games, the secrets behind the worlds first sophisticated cyber attack malware – Stuxnet

Iran’s president ahmadinejad looking at the centrifuges

World’s first sophisticated cyber attack malware – Stuxnet was the weapon of the operation – Olympic Games says The NewYork Times in an article published earlier this week.

The detailed article says, A cyberwar against Iran’s nuclear enrichment program was launched during Bush administration and it was it was accelerated by Obama administration. The operation was called ‘Olympic Games’.

Stuxnet was the weapon of the Olympic Games, jointly developed by NSA (National Security Agency) of America and Israel’s Unit 8200 (part of Israel’s military technical intelligence unit). Israel had cooperated with United States in this operation disabling Iran’s nuclear enrichment program by sabotaging thousands of Centrifuges in the Nantz underground Nuclear plant in Iran.

The Stuxnet malware were intended to infect only the computers connected with the centrifuges but went wild due to the error in the program in one of the updates which followed the initial version. It seems initially the malware were introduced to the computers in the Nantz plant by hand using thumb drive by one of the workers but later versions were introduced using much sophisticated approach which has not been revealed.

The success of the operation Olympic Games is debated, as some analysts say it has been a major setback to Iran’s nuclear ambitions yet some say Iran has recovered from the setback and is capable of enriching the uranium to weapon grade.

What ever  the result of the operation Olympic Game, the introduction of sophisticated malware has started the transition of battle field to the computers which could cripple a country’s infrastructure without a blood shed.

Read the complete article from The NewYork Times.

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