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Posted by on Jun 7, 2012 in Hacking, Infosec | 0 comments

Google will warn you, if you are being targeted by a state sponsored hacking

Google will warn users from a state sponsored cyber attack

Google on wednesday that it has added a feature to warn users who accounts it believes are target of “state-sponsored attacks,”.

Google did not name any particular government, but considering its stand off  with Chinese government after a series of cyber attacks in 2012 on this internet giant in which high profile Gmail accounts ranging from human rights activists of China, Dalai Lama, American and Indian Defense officials were targeted.

China refused to take the blame and it did not co-operate in the investigations of the hacking attacks which was publicly appealed by US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

A report in November by US intelligence agency said that Chinese and Russian intelligence services along with private companies systematically break into American computer systems to steal commercial information.

Chinese military  is said to be leader in cyber warfare research according to western security experts.

It is not clear whether Google will warn users of  Iran, where recently similar US sponsored cyber attacks attacks are believed to have taken place.

source : Time

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