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Posted by on May 30, 2012 in Infosec, Malware | 0 comments

Iran develops tools to defend against Flame malware

The sophistication of Flame malware made it
hard for the security software to detect it. 

Iran has developed tools that can help it defend against the latest malware known as Flame to hit it’s infrastructure.

Iran has been hit by sophisticated malware for past few years targeted on its  nuclear infrastructure. The latest on that series of malware after Stuxnet, Duqu is the Flame.

Flame seem to infiltrate the networks and steal sensitive data. Flame tried to circumvent the security software scanning by disguising itself as a genuine computer file.

Flame was first discovered after the UN’s International Telecommunications Union asked for help from security firms to find out what was wiping data from machines across the middle East.

Judging from the  sophistication of the malware, it seem to have originated from a state sponsored cyber attack on Iran like before. But unlike previous attacks Flame malware seem to have affected only few hundred computers.

Iran’s National Computer Emergency Response Team (Maher) said in a statement that the detection and clean-up tool was finished in early May and is now ready for distribution to organisations at risk of infection.

source : BBC

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