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Posted by on May 27, 2012 in Entertainment, Hollywood, Movie Reviews, Movies | 0 comments

Movie Review : Men In Black 3

Decoder :
Title : MIB:3
Type : Movie
Genre : Action/Comedy
Cast : Will Smith, Tomy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin
Direction : Barry Sonnenfield

Reviewer’s Ambience :
Theatre: The Cinemas
Technology : 3D,RDX
Movie duration : 1 hour 43 minutes

Pre Release Hype :
Both MIB 1 & 2 has been successful the former more than the latter. MIB has created a mark for itself in the genre of action comedy movies. With huge improvement in 3D technology now, MIB:3 was expected to pack a punch.

Post Release Review :
The movie starts with Nicole Scherzinger (of pussy cats dolls fame) releasing a awful looking alien with a limb missing called Boris the animal(Jemaine Clement) from a maximum security detention center in moon !! yeah you read it right the moon. So Boris goes on to avenge the guy who had put him in prison, yes agent K(Tomy Lee Jones). But here’s a twist, he chooses to go back in time to kill agent K before his arm is severed and it is upto agent J(Will Smith) to go back in time and save his partner agent K from getting killed.

As with the previous installments of the MIB series you can expect some funny one liners here too but I felt it was not upto what we enjoyed in the first two movies. As the trailer of this movie says there is one secret to be revealed in the movie and I am not going to tell you what. At least some surprise could add to the enjoyment of this movie and I tell you it is worth it. This adds some seriousness to the script of this movie unlike the first two. I don’t know whether the readers of the Malibu comic on which MIB movies are based know the secret already as I’ve not read that comic.

Special effects are good, especially those involving high rise buildings but don’t expect it to be like Avengers which has created a benchmark in special effects for this season. I always loved the metallic weapons and gadgets of MIB, I must say I am quite disappointed about it in this movie as there were not much big guns but there were some cool vehicles.

Conclusion :
Finally is it worth it ? yes if you had watched previous MIB movies then you should watch this too. MIB:3 has a better script than the previous two movies and you might as well enjoy it.
So take your kids/girlfriend for a decent movie this weekend. Oh one more thing, If your girlfriend hates creepy crawling things, I advice not to take her !!

Verdict : 3  dragons !!

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