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Posted by on May 14, 2012 in Business, Corporates | 0 comments

Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson quits over fake degree row

Scott Thompson quit as Yahoo’s CEO due to the pressure raised from the issue of fake college degree.
An activist member of the company found that Thompson had submitted incorrect documents regarding his college degree.

As per the documents submitted by Thompson, he received a degree in accounting and computer science from Stonehill college in the year 1978. While the man did receive his accounting degree from Stonehill, the college claimed that a computer science program had not started until 1983.
According to a report in Mashable, the headhunter submitted a copy of the resume that Thompson had provided them with at the time and the fake degree was on that resume, Thompson’s removal from Yahoo! is allegedly not because of the degree manipulation, but the way in which he handled the scandal when the truth came out. Many Yahoo! staffers, engineers and higher executives have called for his dismissal.

In a press statement, the company has said that the Board of Directors have chosen Fred Amoroso as the chairman of the Board and Ross Levinsohn as the interim CEO. Thompson is being said to be leaving owing to “personal reasons”.

source : efytimes

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