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Posted by on Apr 6, 2012 in Hacking | 0 comments

US to hack foreign video game consoles

Game consoles under attack – Xbox360,PS3 and Wii
US Navy on behalf of Department of Homeland Security has hired a California based Obscure Technologies to hack video game consoles such as xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 of foreign nations to watch criminals, especially child predators and learn how to collect evidence against them.
This $177,000 contract will allow Obscure Technologies to purchase used gaming systems from abroad that are believed to hold “sensitive information from previous users” and try to hack into them. Obscure’s experts will then report back on how they gained access to the systems, provide instructions to obtain user’s chat room activity, and even report back on the data gleaned, according to the contract and tasking documents.
As american law does not allow this kind of practice against it’s citizens, US government is looking forward exploit foreign national’s privacy for the sake of it’s security. 
U.S has warned its citizens about selling used consoles online. More information on this here.
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