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Posted by on Apr 3, 2012 in Entertainment, Kollywood, Movie Reviews, Movies | 1 comment

"3" – movie review

                I know it’s too late to write a review on “3” as already there were negative waves emanating from theatres screening this movie. I even heard that a lady got giddiness on watching this flick..! Ok Ok, Jokes apart. So what the buzz is all about? Is “3” refers to kins of GREAT STARS(No donuts for guessing this…:)) of Tamil Cinema? “No..!!” cometh the response straight away from the elder kin and debutant director, Aishwarya R.Dhanush. A lady directing her husband to romance with her friend. This is something new to us and it has already created some most likeable statuses posted on FB like “Rajni ponna kalyanam pannitu, Kamal ponnu kuda Duet paadrathukum oru luck venum(It’s a big fortune to be Rajni’s son-in-law in real life and also to romance Kamal’s daughter in the reel life)”.

             “3” refers to Three stages of love happened between the lead pair(Ram and Janani). I expected an “Alaipayuthae” but got a “Mayakkam Enna” instead.Ram(Dhanush) brought up in a silver spoon falls in love with Janani(Shruti Hasan) in an yet another love at first sight story.First stage of the story is narrated very beautifully and this is the best part of the movie to be enjoyed. So far we would have seen love at school. The director has gone an extra mile to showcase the love at tuition centres. Dhanush has returned to school days once again. I seriously doubt whether there is some animation tricks to show him as he was in “Thulluvatho Ilamai” or whether he has done his workout really well? Shruti looks elder comparatively. Dhanush is scaling new heights in acting day by day and Shruti has given a decent performance. Sivakarthikeyan as Kumaran steals the show with ease. Those banters and one liners beats Santhanam, sometimes. If not him, there would have been nearly zero laughs in the theatre. The second stage of love comes before marriage where not much to say about.The third(core) part of the love forms the crux of the story. Shruti looks stunning in these parts more than the first part.

             The director deserves a special applause for taking a psychological issue. She looks convincing to wield the megaphone though the climax doesn’t. A little more homework would have sufficed. Having worked as an Assistant director to Selvaraghavan, she has retained her Guru’s characteristics. Not only the physique, Dhanush has had even the body language adapted from stage to stage. He was on real rage. He has exploited most from the movie. Be it the way he shows his fear when got slapped by Janani’s dad or the last few minutes of the movie, another national award beckons. Next to the lead pair, Sunder Ramu as Senthil occupies much screenspace and has shown justice to the role. Prabhu Ganesan as Ram’s father and yesteryear diva Banupriya as Ram’s mother, though not much to do with the script,reside in our minds. Music director Anirudh who has already gone places with his “Kolaveri song”, tells us it was just a trailer with his BGM sounding more powerful throughout the movie. The transition music he gave for the extreme poles gave me goosebumps. All the songs are picturized very well. Glad that they dint carry away with the success of kolaveri and making it like an album song. Kolaveri was picturized like any other song.Dialogues deserve a special mention as even a trivial scene gets a good one like “Moonja parthiya, pazhaiya anju kaasu mathiri.. !!”. 

             But not all is well for the movie goers. Almost entire cast in the movie is crying in a round robin method. If there were a crying competition, I’m sure Shruti would be judged as a loser as whenever she cries or at least try to do that, whole theatre starts laughing.:) The sad part is this movie dint strike the chord because people are enough fed with the psycho roles. Also Dhanush has plenty of such roles done already though he looks afresh. If you had liked Mayakkam enna, you may like this movie. Rest, unassured… !!

Verdict: It’s Dhanush all the way.. !!

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Rama Gurubaran

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  • Muthu

    Its definitely not good to start and finish the 1st venture of aishwarya with the funeral and  dead scene 🙂 I doubt selva’s first movie had such things 🙂 Brave attempt. But wonderful piece of acting. I don’t know why people were laughing as you said for shruti’s crying scene. But I felt them very emotional. And yeah, BGM gave goosebumps.. especially this one 🙂