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Posted by on Mar 19, 2012 in Android apps, Linux | 0 comments

Run Android apps on your Linux with kernel 3.3

Linus Torvalds announced the sevent release candidate (RC7) for Version 3.3 of the Linux kernel.
The opensource project maintained by Linux Torvalds the founder of Linux Operating System which develops kernel for it has been used in thousands of projects world wide including Android.
Android has been using separate kernel unlike its desktop counterpart though there are plenty of similarities between the both, this thin line between them has now been erased thanks to the version 3.3 kernel in which the Android has been baked into the kernel. This move helps developers to make cross-platform applications.
SlashGear said in a report,

“Although Android and mainline Linux have always shared plenty of code, the underlying kernels have been separate; this new release means manufacturers will be able to simply throw their hardware-specific drivers into a Linux-based gadget and have a functional Android device,” 
Linux 3.3 release notes states,
“For a long time, code from the Android project has not been merged back to the Linux repositories due to disagreement between developers from both projects. Fortunately, after several years the differences are being ironed out. Various Android subsystems and features have already been merged, and more will follow in the future. This will make things easier for everybody, including the Android mod community, or Linux distros that want to support Android programs,”
Due to few small issues the latest release has been RC7 instead of the much awaited final release of the Linux kernel 3.3. Linus Torvalds wrote,
“Now, none of the fixes here are all that scary in themselves, but there were just too many of them, and across various subsystems. Networking, memory management, drivers, you name it,” 

So be ready to run your favorite Android apps on your Linux machine !! 

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