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Posted by on Mar 14, 2012 in Android Mobile, Hacking, Infosec | 0 comments

Google served warrant !! FBI,stumped by pimp’s Android pattern lock

FBI is asking Google to hand over the backdoor to break into a Android phone’s pattern lock as it could not access it.
San Diego’s Dante Dears who is currently being investigated for his his pimp activities, his samsung Android phone seems to be the high value evidence against him as it contains the contacts, mails, text messages and other data necessary to prosecute Dante.
FBI Regional Computer Forensics Lab in Southern California could not access the data on the Android mobile due to its pattern lock feature, so the judge has issued a new warrant application filed on March 9, 2012 asking  Google to unlock the phone and provide the necessary data. 
The warrant application was made public and it has the details on what FBI asks Google to provide as follows,
  • The subscriber’s name, address, Social Security number, account login and password
  • “All e-mail and personal contact list information on file for cellular telephone”
  • The times and duration of every webpage visited
  • All text messages sent and received from the phone, including photo and video messages
  • Any e-mail addresses or instant messenger accounts used on the phone
  • “Verbal and/or written instructions for overriding the ‘pattern lock’ installed on the” phone
  • All search terms, Internet history, and GPS data that Google has stored for the phone

Dante Dears was prosecuted in 2005 for forcing a minor into prostitution and he was on parole in 2009 but was quickly sent back to prison for another year and half due to his parole violations.

source: arstechnica

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