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Posted by on Mar 12, 2012 in Technology | 0 comments

Feed your dog through Twitter

Nat, an IT consultant by profession has invented what can be called a breakthrough in care taking. Yes, he has proved the fact that when someone wants to feed their pet or in fact as time goes on even humans its enough if you just send out a tweet.

Here’s how Nat made it happen.

Twitter Feeder – feedtoby

He has set a minicomputer called Nanode microcontroller which when receives a tweet feedtoby starts up the whole process.

Nanode is linked with mini motor taken from the Hp Deskjet 500 printer. When the tweet is received the buzzer goes off and Toby comes running and sits under the feeder tube.

Then the food comes down and  is dropped into the Bowl. Then a Digital camera takes a snap and sends it to his twitter acount. Verification.

Nat infact is in process of upgrading this twitterfeed by adding the feature to weigh Toby before feeding. Sure he is a geek!

Now all the pet feeders out there go get someother stuff to do Lol.

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Aravinth is a Software Engineer by profession. Loves playing and watching cricket. He enjoys Indian cuisine and munching pizzas!!. He writes on cricket in News@indiandragon. You can catch up with him @coolguy1210