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Posted by on Mar 10, 2012 in Lifestyle | 0 comments

What Women expect from Men?!?!

So, we are just done with celebrating International Women’s Day. I’m sure you would have received/forwarded umpteen number of mails reiterating the message “Respect women in your life”. Everyone respects their women in life; it’s a truth. But how does the respect vary from person to person; rather I should say from woman to woman. Being a guy, I pour out my own thoughts and may or may not be generalised. My life is always easy for me with my Mom supporting me always. She cares for me as much as or more than I care for her. That is mother’s love. Every son (ya you can consider daughter too!!) agrees to this fact. But how about the girlfriend’s love. There is more expectation from her than what your Mom expects from you. In fact your Mom won’t expect much. Even if she expects, they are very basic things like you should have your food at correct time, sleep for at least 8 hour, et al. And what your girlfriend expects from you is quite contrary. If you go to bed early in the night without making a phone call to her, then you are finished.

A man’s life is passed with trying to fulfil the expectations of women in his life. Let us try to figure out what a woman expects. It’s as simple as it is. Love her more than she loves. Care for her more than she cares. Expect from her less than what she expects from you. Now I’m personifying each woman as a country. In a country’s economy, replacing the money with love, there exists a feeling of love deficit always in women’s minds. Let me delve more into the love deficit, it can be defined as the excess amount of love one shows more than what he/she gets. On the lines of fiscal deficit, a high love deficit is always risky and yes, there are some *conditions apply. All Moms are OK with this high love deficit as the prime importance they give is to the happiness of the children. Whereas, each girlfriend can be compared with Greece and every such relationship is on the verge of a default. Before any external stimulus or bailout package is given by neighbouring countries, it’s our (MEN’s) responsibility to reduce the love deficit. Make women in your life happy and make yourself happy. Mind you it’s a herculean task and that’s the way life goes.

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Rama Gurubaran

Rama Gurubaran is the onboard entertainment expert for News@indiandragon, he is a software engineer by profession and writes about the latest happening in the film industry. You can reach him through twitter @VRamGB

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