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Posted by on Mar 7, 2012 in Technology | 0 comments

Search by image instead of plain text – Reverse Search Engines

How many of us know about the fact that,
We can search by images as well, instead of giving plain text as a query string

How many of us know that,
There are reverse image search engines , which searches through the digital libraries for the related images

One might think in what situation I might need these reverse image search engines. Imagine yourself in a situation, where you have a copyright for a photograph and you need to catch sites, which uses your picture illegally. 

The technique has its history way back in 1992, as Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR).
The most popular reverse search engine Tine Eye , has its history as the first and foremost one to come up with this concept. 

                                             TinEye, Reverse Image Search

Google has the trend of providing breath taking experiences to the user with its innate quality of the products and innovation. The same way Google provided the reverse image search service in its Google-> Images tab. 

Google Images 

       The image to be searched in reverse can be provided either from the desktop or through  URL 

The Image can also be dragged and dropped in the search field

Search results 

Other related reverse image search engines are Macroglossa , Gazopa , etc. But these search engines does not have user friendly navigations and the search results are pretty much naive. 

There are many such salient features offered by the technology giants, which many users are not aware of. Lets leverage these functionalities for making our life better. 🙂 

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