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Posted by on Mar 3, 2012 in Entertainment, Kollywood, Movie Reviews, Movies | 0 comments

Movie Review : Aravaan, Not the one you expected

Decoder :
Title : Aravaan
Type : Movie
Genre :  Period/Action
Actors : Aadhi, Pasupathy, Dhansika
Music :  Karthik
Cinematography: Siddarth
Direction : Vasanthabalan
Producer  : Siva
Reviewer’s Ambience : 
Theatre: The cinema
Technology : RDX
Movie duration : 3 Hrs
Pre Release Hype :
This is the 4th movie of  director Vasanthabalan, with his Veyil and Angaadi Theru the director had created a niche for himself in the field of calm, subtle movies high on emotions . Aravan is supposedly on a different genre than his past movies claiming to be of a Action and Period film set in 18th century southern India. Hearing the name Aravaan one would definetly think it would have something to do with epic Mahabharatha in which Arjuna’s son bear the same name. The movie is inspired from a novel titled ‘Kaval Kottam’ by Venkatesan.
Post Release Review :
The plot is simple, In 18th century southern India a village full of  professional thieves clan lead by Pasupathy who is joined by Aadhi as ‘vari – puli’ in some time. By the end of pre-interval Aadhi gains the trust of Pasupathy and the villagers and becomes the protagonist of the movie. The core of the movie is based on Aadhi’s flashback which naturally like most tamil cinema had to come after interval.
Post interval the movie is in flash back mode and takes us to Aadhi’s life at his village where he is about to forcefully sacrifice his life for a murder which he did not commit. The movie becomes a bit gripping at this moment as the protagonist Aadhi tries to find the real murderer and misses the sacrificial ceremony under some weary circumstances due to which his friend is made to sacrifice his life.
At the end of flash back, Aadhi has lost all his heroics and is captured by his villagers and he gives up to them on his own accord. He is made to fulfill his role as a sacrificial lamb and yes he is made to kill himself !! so now we get it the part of the Title which matches with Mahabharata that is in which Aravan sacrifices himself for the sake of Pandavas victory. So since Aadhi sacrifices himself the movie is called Aravaan ? fair enough. 
Pasupathy does his usual justice to the movie and so is Aadhi, the actresses in the movie are for the songs. Dhansika sounds like a NRI in 18th century.
Music : 
Background music and sound mixing is fair, but none of the songs is worth remembering. And did I mention there are two songs one after another !! Like the days of Thyagaraja bhagavathar. Vasanthabalan sure misses G.V prakash who composed the music for his previous hits.
Art,Cinematography & Editing :
If you expected to see some thing like in Madrasapattinam or like in Aayirathil oruvan, you are in for some serious disappointment. The outdoors are the one mostly seen in many tamil movies, like the big rock where usually song scenes are shot and the indoors are mostly present day chettinad palaces found in karaikudi regions. The rock carved idols are up to the demand for their significance in the script. Editing is not mentionable, some times makes us feel the editor has just moving the frames at faster rate to make us believe the actors are running at super speeds.
Action :
Since this movie is termed  as an action movie we have to mention it, Aadhi has done a great job in maintaing his physique which the role demands. Though there are some rope shots involved, Aadhi pulls off the scene with panache. The CG fails considerably at some stunt shots making one wonder whether that was necessary yet Aadhi and Pasupathy saves the day when it comes to stunts in this movie.
Period/History :
Apart from the period, that is end of 18th century set in the movie, I did not find any knowledgeable history in the movie.
Conclusion :
Definitely not what you expected from this movie, but did it make you watch the full move? Yes. 
The movie has a notable script which some times gets blurred due to the noise in the form of missing elements like history, art, cinematography and music. Aadhi sure is talented and is exploited well in the movie. Characterization is good for the male actors cannot say the same for the female leads.
One personal question for director Vasanthabalan, 
Why don’t you try some happy endings ? I know life is not always happy. But come on you are 4 films down, the viewers expect to come out happy from the theatre !! definitely I do.
So for this movie, it gets 2 and half dragons.


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