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Posted by on Feb 29, 2012 in Gadgets, iPad, Tablets | 0 comments

New IPad3 & What it has got to offer?

With the launch event of Apple’s iPad3 on March 7th, What one can expect of Apple’s revolutionary couch-top device.
  • Next version of iPad might no be called as iPad3 but may be as iPad 2S . No wonder the name is inspired from iPhone 4S.For rest of that post let that remain as iPad3. This name change has been expected because of the new iPad covers sold as iPad 2S covers in China and Korea by the iPad case makers. 
  • iPad3 could feature Quad core A5X processor. One cannot be sure about about the Quad core but the A5X chip was something that was spied and reported earlier.One can certainly expect vast improvements in Graphics support to match a larger screen resolution.
  • Major expectation that might be satisfied is the Retina display that featured in iPhones which can have solution of 2048×1536. This is twice of the current iPad2 (1024×768). Even though the resolution might go up, the screen size could remain at 9.5×7.3 inches.
  •  iPad3’s camera would be upgraded to match the specs of iPhone4S, while the front facing camera can be expected to support HD to increase the FaceTime video chat quality
  • An unexpected surprise could be the featuring of iOS 5.1 in iPad3. Another major rumor that has been circulating is the support for NFC(Near Field Communications) in iPad3 even though IPhone 4S failed to support this. 
  • One can be certain that there would not be major design changes to the iPad but what might happen is a bumped up display.
  • With the Amazon’s Kindle Fire making rapid leaps into the market, iPad3 launch event could also feature the introduction of iPad mini versions to counter the Kindle competition. 
  • Of course, iPad3 would feature the big hit in iPhone 4S, Apple’s talking assistant Siri.
  • By History, Apple has been selling new iPads at the same price as its predecessors.But this time Apple may even offer at slight premium than the current iPad prices.
  • All these questions would be answered on March 7th at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco, when Tim Cook gives his key note on the newest version of iPad.
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