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Posted by on Feb 25, 2012 in Gadgets, iPad, Tablets | 0 comments

iPad3 display gets handled by iFixit, Massive resolution revealed

Last week, MacRumors reported that they were able to obtain a 9.7″ display claimed to be for iPad3, confirming through microscopic analysis that the display offers twice the linear resolution and four times the total number of pixels as the iPad2.
Now, they have shared the display with iFixit to check whether they could power the screen . Unfortunately, with the different connector on the new display, iFixit was not able to directly hook the display to the ipad2.  But iFixit confirms that the new display quadruples the number of pixels over the previous generation iPads.
In the video below, iFixit confirms the higher resolution (2048×1536)  resolution, the modified connector, and tweaked retaining clips as compared to the iPad2 display.


Apple is expected to announce the iPad3 at a media event on March 7, so lets wait a little longer!! 
source : MacRumors
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