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Posted by on Feb 22, 2012 in Linux | 0 comments

Flash player for linux only through Google Chrome here after

Adobe today announced its plans to abandon flash player support on linux. Last year it announced its plans to abandon development of flash player for mobile platforms. Adobe has today said in its road map that it would concentrate on developing gaming and  premium video services. It has said it would not support flash player for linux after version 11.2, after which the users would be directed to Google Chrome which has in built capability for flash playback.

Adobe said it is working with Google in developing the flash player for linux which is based on the PPAPI (Pepper Plug-In API) which has been developed by google for the past 3 years to replace NPAPI (Netscape Plu-In API). Since firefox has not shown any interest in supporting the new PPAPI, so the linux users are forced to use Google Chrome in future for playing the flash content on the web.
Adobe said it would continue providing bug fixes for the linux version of Flash player 11.2 for the next five years after its release. It aslo said it would work with hardware partners to provide streaming and content protection capabilities in native format for more platforms.

Check the link below for Adobe and Google partnering for flash player on linux.

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