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Posted by on Dec 31, 2011 in Defence, Intelligence | 0 comments

China launches the rival for the GPS-Beidou

China has launched the Beidou Global Positioning Satellite system and has started providing location services for mainland china and nearby territories. China has 10 satellites for this purpose which it started launching in 2003. This system will rival US GPS and reduce china’s dependency on it.
This is similar to individual global positioning systems like Galileo by EuropeGLONASS by Russia and IRNSS (Indian Regional Navigational Satellite System) by India. China plans to have 35 total satellites in 2020 which will provide total coverage of the whole world. The chinese system is meant to offer better precision with accuracy of 33feet (10meters) while GPS  offers around 66 feet (20 meters). It will also be able to record speed with 0.2-meter a second accuracy and sync clocks to 0.02 millionths of a second a necessity for guiding missiles and other weapons.
So the main purpose of countries rushing for independent satellite systems are not to provide its citizens with a car navigation systems but to have a fool proof system for their defense navigation systems. 
As nearly all navigation systems depends on US GPS now which US has the on-off switch, so like in Iraq war US might switch off its GPS anytime and to reduce the dependency on the buggy GPS which was recently exploited by the IRAN when it brought down the US drone sentinel RQ-170 with mid air GPS hacking i.e if their claims are true.
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