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Posted by on Dec 15, 2011 in Android apps | 0 comments

Siri’s rival is here, beware of majel for Android

Google is all set to release a voice assistant for android as a  rival for Apple’s siri in coming weeks. Siri has gained attention world over as an intelligent voice based personal assistant but also plagued by frequent outages and security issues.

Google is weary of the fact that siri may soon take on the search giants profits in the mobile space, so it is working on  secret project codenamed Majel in its secret GoogleX Labs. Google will combine its established search capabilities with the new voice assistant to provide android users with personalized results based on voice inputs. The project is named majel in remembrance of the late actress Majel Barett Roddenberry who provided the computerized voice for the Starship Enterprise in Star Trek. Google will provide this new technology as an update to its existing Voice Actions app which makes calls and other actions based on voice inputs from the user.

Google announced recently its plans to acquire Clever Sense, a startup which made the famous restaurant and nigh club recommendation app based  on your location and past visits called Alfred. So the Alfred may go into the making of Majel much to the delight of the users. It is also worth to note that Google recently shifted a senior UK Programmer with experience in speech recognition to its california office, which catches our attention on google’s secret project on voice technology.

Lets wait a few more weeks and see what google has to offer us !!

source : mobiledia

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