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Posted by on Dec 13, 2011 in Defence, Intelligence | 0 comments

Why Iran’s capture of US drone is very significant

Iranian TV showed the unmanned “stealth” aircraft apparently undamaged

Last week Iranian television showed the captured intact US drone – RQ -170 Sentinel , which it claimed was brought down using electronic warfare where as US insisted that the drone malfunctioned.

Iran said it brought down the UAV using electronic ambush ,as the drone violated Iranian airspace by intruding 250Km into its airspace. It also launched a formal complaint to the UN security counsel on US intrusion.
America had earlier asked for the return of the drone, to which the Iran has subsequently refused. If Iran had in fact brought  down the drone only using electronic warfare methodologies, then it is something the US has to be worried about. From the footage released by the Iranian television it is clear that the aircraft has sustained only minimal damage adding support to the Iran’s claim of electronic ambush methodology to bring down the drone. If the drone had really malfunctioned like the US claims, the drone would have suffered some significant damage. From the footage we can learn that the left wing has suffered some minor damage, which could have been done deliberately to transfer the UAV by the Iranian authorities, but the hidden underbelly of the UAV in the footage rises some doubts on whether the UAV went to a ‘flat spin’  or ‘falling leaf departure’ when it malfunctioned owing to the damaged underbelly but reduced damage to the other parts supporting US claims of hardware malfunction. 
Iran refused to disclose details on its mid air hacking technology saying it would compromise its methodology.
Though we might not be sure how Iran brought down the aircraft, one thing is for sure that it posses the US drone with world’s advanced radar deflecting and some advanced avionic technologies.  Iran has  already announced that its scientists are working to reverse engineer the stealth technology found in the UAV. America says Iran does not posses such technology, but it is vary of the fact that the airframe could get to the hands of Russian or Chinese who have the technology to reverse engineer such technology. The RQ-170 sentinal posses the same radar evading stealth technologies like the america’s top end fighter jets such as F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lighting II.  It has some advancing sensor technologies like full motion video , using which the Osama bin laden’s raid on pakistan was watched realtime at the white house. If Iran or any other hostile nation to america could get their hands on such a technology, it could mean a devastating blow to america in its defense technology. 
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