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Posted by on Nov 23, 2011 in Technology | 0 comments

Help eliminate internet explorer 6 from India before new year

Yes you have read it right, some might even think who in the right senses use internet explorer 6 even now, at the time when browsers make operating systems for portables. Well don’t be so sure according to recent reports India still has 5.9% users still using internet explorer 6. The chart is topped by China (even in this? good) having 25.6% users surfing with ie 6 and America has 1.3% at the chart, according to
So what’s wrong with internet explorer 6 ? Well it is just that it was released 10 years ago, and has thousands of vulnerabilities many of which will allow a malicious user to take control of your computer. Many of the users having ie 6 might be running Windows XP, it is not possible to update to latest internet explorer 9 on these machines but it is possible to install latest and fastest browser Google Chrome on these machines. Google chrome updates itself regularly giving you a very safe browsing experience also with Mozilla Firefox following 6-week update cycle for major versions it is also a safe bet though it does not update regularly like Google chrome.
See the chart below (click to enlarge) for the internet explorer 6 usage distribution around the world,
So shall we take on a mission to eliminate internet explorer 6 from India before new year (2012)
It can be achieved only with your co-operation. If you see your neighbor uncle using the old internet explorer  suggest him to change over to latest and safe browsers, do the same at your work place, school or colleges. Join hands with indiandragon to make this mission a success.
We would come back to see what impact you have created by this mission, share your experience with this mission at the comments . All the best Agent !!

image source : ie6countdown

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