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Posted by on Nov 3, 2011 in Gadgets, Tablets, Web OS Tablet | 0 comments

HP announces Slate2, will HP get it right this time?

HP has announced a successor to it’s Slate, A tablet computer supposedly called the ipad killer but was never launched to public after it got not so welcoming remarks from CES 2010.

This is the next Windows tablet from HP, it features a bluetooth stylus pen for input which makes taking notes easier. HP says this device is aimed at enterprise customers, meaning it would not sell this device to general public. So it would wait for huge orders from government, students, hospitals and those who are willing to upgrade their devices and cut down on paper costs.HP would price the device at $699 .

The other specs are as follows,
Specifications :

Processor     –  Intel Atom Z670

Display         –  8.9-inch
OS                –   Windows (32 bit)
Weight         –  1.5 pound
Input           –   Bluetooth pen /touch (Swype)

See more images of  Slate2 below,
Will HP make it this time, or will Slate2 meet the same end as Slate or Touchpad ? Share your views.

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