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Posted by on Oct 11, 2011 in Gadgets, iPhone, Mobiles | 0 comments

iphone4S 68% faster than iPhone4 says Geekbench Benchmarks

Geekbench the Operating system benchmarking tool has come up with it’s first set of iPhone4S benchmarks, which says the new iphone might be 68% faster than the previous version.

The specs shows the iPhone4S running dual core-A5 processor which is same as that of ipad2 with memory of  512MB. iPhone4S gets a Geekbench score of  ~622 which is below the ipad2 score of ~749 but well above the iphone4 score of 370. So the new iphone4S is 68% faster than the previous iPhone and 17% slower than the iPad2.

The reason for this might be, that the iPhone4S processor A5 is under clocked to 800MHz as compared to the 1GHZ A5 processor of ipad2.
The benchmarks might have been carried on few pieces of iphone4S available in wild as the actual shipments starts from October 14.
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