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Posted by on Oct 5, 2011 in Gadgets, iPhone, Mobiles | 2 comments

Apple iPhone-4S what does it have ?

Everyone who attended Apple let’s talk iPhone keynote today were bit shocked as well as astounded !!
Shocked because there was not iphone5. Astounded because iPhone4S packs some nifty feature which no other smartphone on planet has.
Technical Specification of iPhone4S :
OS – iOS5,
Processor – A5 dualcore processor, dual core graphics processor,
Display – Retina – Full HD,
Camera –  8megapixel, 3264*2448 ,new image processor,face detection
Video capture – 1080p HD , Video image stabilization , temporal noise reduction.
Network – GSM/CDMA- HSPA+,dual antenna.

It is not just these, iphone4S packs more goodies inside such as iCloud store files, documents, sync music with all apple devices running iOS5 more over it is free for all iOS5 and OSXLion with 5GB storage. Next is Airplay Mirroring and Wired Mirroring wich enable you to sync your iPhone screen  with your HDTV with and without wire respectively. Last, but the most significant milestone in iOS is the siri an advanced AI speech recognition literally does what you ask iphone to do, like from setting up a calendar event to replying to SMS, checking weather miles away , remind yourself your wife’s birthday all these without even touching the phone. Now thats what I call a feature.

Okay guys, I’ll check back with an actual review. i.e When I get my hands on this mythical creature . Share your views in comments.
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Indiandragon though Developer, Hacker and Researcher by profession, he aslo writes on Movies, Sports and Entertainment in News@Indiandragon. He specialises in Technology, Defence and Information Security.
  • SIRI will be a Mile stone AI innovation. Apple rocks with it.

  • Yes, and enabling it in apps is an awesome resource for developers as such 🙂