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Posted by on Sep 30, 2011 in Technology | 0 comments

Dubai to introduce Superbus a 250kph electric vehicle,cuts travel between Dubai and Abu Dhabi to 30 minutes

Dubai has announced it would implement ‘superbus’ commute system between Dubai and Abu dhabi which would  use ‘midnight blue’ bus which would travel at 250 km/hr with a travel time of 30 minutes.
The superbus concept is a dutch solution for pollution free intelligent travel system by dutch astronaut professor Wubbo Ocles.
The midnight blue is a ’15 meters long’, ‘2.5 meters wide’, ‘1.6 meters high’ ,‘all electric’ vehicle with seating for ’23 passengers’ and has ’16 doors’ on each side, can travel at ‘250 km/hr’ with a range of ‘210kms’.

Check out the video on dubai super bus below,

Lets check out when more when we see superbus on roads. Check the official page of superbus project for more details.
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