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Posted by on Sep 29, 2011 in Gadgets, Linux | 0 comments

Nokia to power its low end phones with Linux – the secret meltemi project

Though Nokia has abandoned its plans to run ‘Meego’ Linux on its future smartphones thanks to its new friend ‘Microsoft’,

there has been some credible information flowing in that Nokia might be working on a secret project titled ‘Meltemi’ to power the low end phones with a new ‘Linux’  OS.

Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop gave a demo of Windows7 phone codenamed ‘Sea Ray’ to Nokia’s employees the footage of which was leaked over internet. During that demo he explained future Nokia plans in which he mentioned,

“In mobile phones – it’s very much about “Sonic”, it’s very much about full touch activity that’s going on, it’s about the work we have to do around Series 40 to ensure it continues to help us in the future. It’s the “Clipper” program and the underlying “Meltemi” software effort.”

In April a memo was leaked to The Register, quoting Nokia offering its Meego engineers an opportunity to work in its Meltemi project, though details of the project was not mentioned. The memo read,

“There will also be opportunities within the Meltemi organization, for personnel working within the MeeGo teams.”

Nokia has officially announced that it would bring apps enabled end phones , also there are information that Nokia is working on  a touch enabled S40 phones with ‘qt framework’ .

So meltemi might be the next big thing Nokia might announce after its Windows partnership.
If this project becomes a reality it would be a happy news for emerging countries like India, were masses could get their hands on handsets which could make use of latest applications in the market and not to mention that India and China make Nokia’s major market for low end handsets.
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Source : The Register, The next web

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