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Posted by on Sep 28, 2011 in Mobiles, Technology | 0 comments

Intel announces new Operating System,Application framework for portable devices – Tizen

I got a mail this morning from Intel has announcing another operating system / application framework for portable devices like smartphones,tablets, televisions etc called ‘Tizen’.

Tizen is build upod ‘Meego’ and ‘Limo’ and would feature application framework consisting  HTML5 and Wholesale Applications Community (WAC) 2.0 standards to help developers reuse and extend their code across multiple Oss, app stores, and devices. Tizen project would be hosted by the linux foundation.

Portable operating system market is already crowded with the likes of  ‘Android’ , ‘iOS’, ‘Meego’, ‘Bada’ where Android,Meego being open source and with a good possibility of samsung making bada open source in 2012. Will Tizen add to the customer’s confusion on deciding upon devices or will it lead the portable operating system race, we will have to wait till the operating system wars gets bigger and meaner.

Check out the official sources,

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