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Posted by on Sep 27, 2011 in Gadgets, Mobiles | 0 comments

Nokia N9 the greatest smartphone based on Meego Linux starts shipping from today

Nokia’s N9 the currently only meego running smartphone from Nokia, announced at singapore this june starts shipping today according to the press release from Nokia.

The smartphone would be available in black,cyan and magenta with 16GB and 64GB storage options.

Nokia N9 has a unique user interface called swipe by which all functions and applications on the phone can be controlled with a simple swipe gesture by the user.

Nokia says the phone would be priced around 480$ for 16GB and 560$ for 64GB before taxes and subsidies are announced.
Nokia says the phone will be on sale in countries around the world, but does not say clearly whether it will be available only in the select countries it mentioned before.

Nokia India site does not say anything about N9 yet, lets hope we get a chance to meet the best smartphone from Nokia yet. Share your views on N9 in comments.

Press Release    Nokia Conversations

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