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Posted by on Sep 27, 2011 in Android Tablets, Tablets | 0 comments

Amazon’s ipad killer kindle fire to be unveiled tomorrow

Amazon’s latest kindle running Android which was in development for a while now will be announced tomorrow at a press conference hosted by Jeff Bezos CEO of AMAZON.

Sources say that the new kindle would be of tablet form factor and would be called ‘kindle fire‘.

The 7″ tablet would look more like a blackberry playbook, cause the tablet is manufactured by the same company ‘quanta‘ which manufactured the playbook for blackberry.
This tablet is expected to be priced between $250 – $300 under subsidy from AMAZON. 
This Android running tablet was previously expected to put a tough fight with apple’s ipad2 but now with more inputs, this seem to be a contender for a dual with Nook Colorseries of color ebook reader from ‘Barnes&Noble’ which is priced around 240$ and is being used as a full fledged tablet by many with easy Android hacks.
So lets wait and see tomorrow what AMAZON has to offer.

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